tavi gevinson returns to the small screen for scream queens

She'll play against horror veteran Jamie Lee Curtis in the Fox comedy-horror.

by Charlotte Gush
04 August 2015, 12:59pm

Tavi Gevinson, of teen media empire Rookie, will appear in the upcoming season of Scream Queens, Fox's horror-comedy series that stars genre veteran Jamie Lee Curtis, American Horror Story's Emma Roberts, Glee's Lea Michele and singer Ariana Grande.

In the sorority murder mystery series, Gevinson will play Feather, a woman who stole the ex-boyfriend of Jamie Lee Curtis's character, Dean Cathy Munsch. Further details about the character are yet to be revealed, but if Tavi gives a performance as good as her turn in Parenthood -- as the girlfriend of Haddie Braverman in the episode in which she comes out -- then we're in for a treat.



Photography Petra Collins

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