chvrches' lauren mayberry calls out misogynistic 4chan trolls

The singer responds to a series of shockingly sexist comments about her appearance in the band's new video.

by Nick Levine
18 August 2015, 1:35pm

Chvrches' Lauren Mayberry has hit back at messageboard trolls who left a series of misogynistic responses to her appearance in the band's latest video. Comments on a 4chan thread discussing the band's Leave a Trace video, which premiered yesterday, included "would you guys "fuck" Lavren?", "what's lauren's bra size? i need to know for research purposes," and "I thought Lavren was pure, why did she agree to dress like a slut?"

Not content with participating in the shockingly sexist objectification of Mayberry, one troll proceeded to tweet at the singer asking for her opinion on what was being said in the thread.

Mayberry responded by blocking @7KTbroship and calling out his fellow 4chan trolls for their misogynistic comments.

A subsequent tweet from Chvrches' official account added: "PSA: apparently wet hair makes you a 'slut.' Nice work, 4chan / humanity." Wisely, 4chan moderators have now archived the thread, meaning no more comments can be added to it.

Mayberry then told her Twitter followers that she was "signing off the internet for the day" so she could relax with wine and TV. This isn't the first time the singer has used her voice to call out online misogyny -- she wrote a brilliant opinion piece for The Guardian in 2013 explaining why she refuses to accept it as part of being a high-profile female musician. 

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