Quentin Tarantino's original Pulp Fiction cast wish list has been leaked

His picks may surprise you.

by Claire Le
02 June 2021, 5:20pm

Pulp Fiction could have turned out a lot differently if Quentin Tarantino had is casting dreams come true. The director's original casting wish list just leaked online, and the picks may surprise you. While Uma Thurman totally nailed Mia Wallace's character, neither she nor Bruce Willis were even mentioned in Tarantino's preliminary list. Johnny Depp, Nicholas Cage and Denzel Washington all grab mentions. Michael Madsen (Tarantino's first choice for Vincent) actually opted for a role in another movie, leaving John Travolta with the part.

In a recent interview with Vulture, Tarantino explained "Back then, I got much more excited by cool casting. I liked the idea of taking an actor I've always liked but wasn't being used much anymore and putting him in the movie and showing people what he could do. But I don't feel that way anymore. Now it's all about my characters." Check the list out below!

quentin tarantino's pulp fiction casting wish list

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