roshi porkar makes beautifully surreal clothes for california dreaming

How the Austrian Hyères Prize-winner ended up on America's west coast for her fall/winter 2016 collection.

by Alexandra Bondi de Antoni
19 April 2016, 1:50pm

Girls hanging out at the beach, casually standing barefoot on the terrace or chilling at the skate park — the perfect day in L.A., when time stands still, and you just drift along and let your thoughts take you where they will. Days where nothing much happens and you feel like that's just fine. That's basically the way you feel when you look at the pictures of Roshi Porkar's new collection. You immediately want to ditch your job and buy a ticket to the costal California metropolis to escape the daily grind and have a good time dressed in the most beautiful garments.

The pictures are the result of a collaboration with photographer Irina Gavrich, and included a diverse casting. "Irina and I will use any chance we get to go [to LA.] We love the vibe of the city, the setting, and the light most of all. So we decided last minute to getaway and we just packed two suitcases and went. We shot the collection on friends and friends of friends," the designer explains.

The results are atmospheric photos that portray exactly the kind of lifestyle the designer describes: the easygoingness of the city, the joie de vivre of its inhabitants, and the unbelievable variety of the stories that are told there. With embroidered dresses, faux fur applications on the collars and coats with oversized hands as pockets, the collection is surreal, feminine, and still wearable, even if it is no less original than her past creations.

Porkar studied under Bernhard Wilhelm and Veronique Branquinho at the Universität für Angewandte Kunst in Vienna. Two years ago, she presented her graduate collection at the International Festival of Fashion and Photography in Hyères and came out as the winner of the Chloé Prize. She's returning to Hyères for her current collection. Porkar is currently making clothing exclusively out of wool, which she will show as part of the International Woolmark Prize, which she's also nominated for. Explore more of the duo's sunkissed SoCal adventure below!


Text Alexandra Bondi de Antoni

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