the weeknd just dropped two killer tracks

Including a surprise collaboration with Future. It’s a Christmas miracle!

by Tish Weinstock
28 December 2015, 3:53pm

Just when you thought the festive season couldn't get any better, king of statement hair Abel Tesfaye has gone and dropped two new tracks while you were in that food coma. "Low Life" is a surprise collaboration with Future, produced by Metro Boomin and Ben Billions, and "Pass Dat" is a remix of Jeremih's song of the same name, with these altered lyrics: "If you're not with me, I feel bad for your team/ You should cut them off, you can follow your dreams." It all sounds very cryptic, even more so considering the rumors that Tesfaye and Bella Hadid have split up. But forget all that sadness; just turn up the volume and get lost in the tracks below.


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Bella Hadid