video premiere: underworld, 'i exhale'

Inhale, exhale, and lose yourself to the band's first single in six years.

by i-D Staff
26 January 2016, 2:59pm

After soundtracking a thousand unforgettable nights out and scoring one of the most famous cult films in British Cinema (Trainspotting, for the uninitiated), Underworld was given the task of working with Danny Boyle to represent the United Kingdom musically at the 2012 Olympics. It's all been a bit quiet since then, but when you've written what is arguably the most important anthem in dance music history, it's gotta be hard to not keep on creating, right?

And thus fans were pleased (but not surprised) when the duo announced before Christmas that they'd be releasing a new album, Barbara Barbara, we face a shining future on March 18. Last week the band premiered the lead single from the record, "I Exhale." With layers upon layers of bass-riff, distortion and harsh percussion, we're pleased to present the track's visuals. 

Teaming up with London Collective, Tomato, watch as Karl Hyde and his best suit get off their nut in, out, in, out, and around his red/blue strobing party house. He's got all the moves and we want whatever he's had. Warning: this video is not suitable for those who suffer from epilepsy. At all. We'll leave you with a few words from the man himself: "spangled top, leather jacket, run your fingers through your hair, we're nearly there..."

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