vince staples' yelp review of local chicken joint is hilarious

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by i-D Staff
21 March 2016, 1:41pm

Vince Staples is one of the funniest guys in hip-hop. We know that because his friends say it, his Twitter proves it, and we met him. But if you, personally, aren't sold on giving Vince the hip-hop comedy crown, you will be after reading this review. It's a solid contender for greatest food write up of all time.

The lane-switch wouldn't even seem that bizarre coming from Vince, given his eventual aim is to leave rap for good. When i-D asked about his future plans, Vince replied "Get a real job. Get in some movies. Just not have to rap. The best rappers are the ones who don't have to rap anymore." This seems increasing likely, now that he's has revealed himself as a talented food critic. Vince, we will happily pre-order a cookbook too, should you decide to pen one. 

Anyway, here is the review of Royals Hot Chicken in Louisville, Kentucky, as it appeared on Yelp. Enjoy!

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Vince Staples