a new dean blunt exhibition opens this friday

Fresh from his 'Babyfather' record, the cryptic pop star and even more cryptic artist is back with new exhibition 'W44VEY.'

by Felix Petty
17 May 2016, 3:10pm

Dean Blunt's last exhibition, at Cubbit in Angel, featured a stock photo on a wall and a piercing crowd disbursement siren that triggered when someone came into the gallery. Dean promoted the exhibition by selling a Matchbox car full of weed on eBay.

This followed on from exhibitions of painted Evisu logos on denim canvases at SPACE gallery in London. Urban, at the ICA, was "sponsored" by Puff Daddy's favorite vodka, Ciroc. Commercial hip hop blasted at ear-bleedingly loud volumes before Dean got up on stage and read a poem.

Another exhibition of his work, Brixton 28s, (also at SPACE) was ostensibly about the Brixton gang of the same name, but featured a giant, misspelt Moschino logo painted on the wall, a mannequin on the floor in a Marlboro jacket, and a print of Ashley Walters taken from Channel 4 TV show Top Boy.

Dean's art is as keen to frustrate and confuse as his varied musical output is, challenging to the viewer to be on the inside, part of the "joke," even if there is no real joke to get. So what does he have planned for his latest endeavor? (Which is, according to a rare interview he gave i-D earlier this year, his last for a while).

The only information so far is a trademark cryptic quote captioning a YouTube clip that advertises dates -- May 20 - June 26, 2016 -- and Arcadia Missa Gallery in London. "Glam frieztgerald white suits. Did calprio decide to go after chickens and pigeon eating them alive in front of ppl with friend they also trash the party by breaking all the windows. They get ostracized -- W44VEY." The video features wads of cash and a wave of distortion and W44VEY written on a series of license plates. 

Keep your eyes on Arcadia Missa to see what Blunt has in store. 


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