the best celebrity halloween costumes of 2016

From Marc Jacobs's iron-pumping female body builder to Kylie Jenner's hardcore homage to X-Tina, find out who seriously stepped up to the costume challenge this Halloweekend.

by Salvatore Maicki
01 November 2016, 12:34am

Ahhh, Halloween costumes. For many of us, the tradition evokes a biblical unpacking of party store return policies, desperately trying to scrape together a semblance of an alter ego through an exhausted wardrobe, and clinging to the hope that we'll remember the Kit Kat bars stashed in our pockets before laundry day. For celebrities, it means sipping martinis while a squadron carefully applies layers of prosthetics.

This year's Monday Halloween meant that many celebrities opted to indulge in the holiday festivities over the weekend. In the spirit of seasonal social media traditions, they shared with us many Instagrams of the costumes du jour, and we've rounded up a list of our favorites here.

India Menuez: "A normal bro"

Menuez went full on normcore with her disguise this weekend. Complete with a nice flare up of rosacea and pubescent braces, the actress looked totally unrecognizable — it was a similar shade, but a far cry from when she donned purple body paint on Eckhaus Latta's fall/winter 15 runway.

Cara Delevingne: Vampiress

Delevingne opted for a relatively traditional look, vamping up alongside fellow former i-D cover star Georgia May Jagger in preparation for Kate Hudson's Halloween shindig. It was decidedly more conservative (and far less controversial) than the chain mail bikini costume she wore as Enchantress in Suicide Squad.

Chloe Wise and Eric Wareheim: Rhinestone Cowboys

As pop stars ranging from Lady Gaga to Grimes works tirelessly to bring the cowboy hat back into pop culture — the latter wrapped her "Rhinestone Cowgirls" tour last fall — Chloe Wise and Eric Wareheim made it look effortless. Decked out in all-white ensembles with ample facial glitter, the costume afficionados brought the glam to streets of NYC. 

Kylie Jenner: Dirrty Christina

King Kylie truly went all out in her interpretation of Xtina's iconic wrestling look, to which the popstar was quick to praise on Instagram. Perhaps next time Jenner can up the ante and hire a full choir to perform the song alongside her while she emerges from a trap door dressed as a nun, as Aguilera once did on live television in 2003.

Beyonce, Blue Ivy and Tina Lawson: Salt N Pepa

Three generations of the Knowles-Carter clan paid tribute to the 90s trio, with Blue, Bey and Tina all taking their part for cousin Angie's nostalgia-themed party. Also in attendance? Jay Z as Dwayne Wayne and Kelly Rowland, as Kelly Rowland, as Dionne from Clueless.

Marc Jacobs: Female body builder

Earlier this year, the Divine Miss M appeared in Marc Jacobs's fall/winter 2016 campaign, an occasion Jacobs commemorated with an emotional Instagram post about the icon's impact on his own sense of style and self expression. So this weekend, the designer returned the favor and served as a judge for the costume contest at Midler's annual Hulaween party. But, in true Jacobs style, he outdid all the contestants by dressing up as a ripped female body builder with a face full of flawless makeup. Jacobs and Charly DeFrancesco transformed into "Stacie and Larry," two cartoonishly enormous body builders. 

MØ: Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn was one of the most popular costumes of the season, and Danish pop star MØ executed the look fantastically. To add to the Suicide Squad vibes, her bandmates assumed the roles of the Joker and El Diablo.

FKA twigs: goddess

Fresh off the heels of her elaborate astrology-tinged ROOMS presentation and installation, which was equal parts performance art and haunted house, Twigs accentuated her already ethereal look for the weekend with gold braids and face markings.

Cindy Crawford and fam: punks

This year's Casamigos Halloween party was held on Crawfords's property, so the supermodel and her family made quite the entrance, each donning elaborate punk attire. Crawford's look harkened back to the killer leather jackets she'd rock during her tenure as the original hose of MTV's House of Style. Founding Germs member Pat Smear was a regular fixture on the show during Crawford's stint, though by the looks of this photo, she picked up some hair dye tips during her, uh, revealing interview with Dennis Rodman. 

Zoe Kravitz: Princess Peach

The newly-blonde Kravitz made the perfect leap from Nintendo 64, with actor Karl Glusman assuming the role of Luigi. Perhaps if Jeremy Scott ever decides to revive "Super Moschino," -- his Mario-themed Moschino capsule replete with stars, mushrooms, and more -- he's got a perfect spokesmodel.

Josephine Skriver: Zombie

Skriver looked absolutely terrifying in the best way possible, with gashes and cloudy eyes completing the undead pinup vibe. The model was complemented by boyfriend, musician Alexander DeLeon, who also went the zombified route.

Elle Fanning: Fairy

Fanning shared a Polaroid hinting at a whimsical, albeit more traditional costume: a fairy princess. Fanning's dress recalled a Rodarte-esque imagining of her older sis Dakota's tutu in Uptown Girls. The 20th Century Women actress and former i-D cover star spent the weekend in New Orleans gearing up to film her new project, The Beguiled, alongside Nicole Kidman and Kirsten Dunst. We can only hope that wherever Fanning spent the evening, she was flanked by an army of tiny ballerinas twirling Fender Jazzmasters

Rowan Blanchard: Killer Antoinette

It's been ten years since Sofia Coppola's lush reimagining of Marie Antoinette, and the famed French queen even popped up as an inspiration for Rihanna's latest collection for Puma this Paris Fashion Week. Actress and fierce feminist Rowan Blanchard alluded to a costume centered around "killing the people" who killed Antoinette, before sharing an Instagram post listing similarities between her and Marilyn Monroe. Like many of Blanchard's posts on social media, her costume has become an interesting sites of conversation about subverting gendered perceptions. 


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