​watch the lou dalton x nino cerruti collaboration film

The head of the historic Italian textile house Lanificio Cerruti meets young London design talent Dalton in this arty black and white short.

by Charlotte Gush
01 July 2015, 1:51pm

photography jason lloyd evans

"I think the collaboration between a world in which there is a lot of history and a lot of tradition, combined with the inventiveness and the freedom of thinking of young people is an ideal matching," Nino Cerruti enthuses in this short film about the pairing of his Italian textiles house Lanificio Cerruti with young London menswear designer Lou Dalton - a match made by The Woolmark Company.

"I'm really inspired by Nino Cerruti still working with the team to perfect the base cloth, to perfect what they stand for, is so inspiring," says Lou, adding that she has, "always been obsessed with wool. For me, it's so inspiring to work with such beautiful cloth".

Though the Lanificio Cerruti woollen mill in Italy, owned by Nino's family since 1881, seems to occupy a different era to Lou Dalton's Haçienda-inspired modern menswear, Nino concludes that, "In creativeness, you don't have an age: you have creativeness or you don't have it". "[In a] life in fashion," Dalton adds, "there is no retirement".

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