all saints' comeback single is a smooth, sassy break-up track

The seminal 90s girl group is back with a scathing yet harmonious Liam Gallagher diss track.

by Hannah Ongley
23 February 2016, 5:31pm

Paul Phung

It is a truth universally acknowledged that there are few more nerve-wracking experiences than listening to the comeback single from one of your youth's most seminal pop groups. Luckily the official comeback track from 90s UK girl group All Saints, as we promised last month, is a certified low-key banger. The ladies' killer harmonies are underscored by lush guitars, smooth synths, and some particularly sassy lyrics. 

"It's about conversations I was having with Nic at the time when she was going through personal things in her life, and as a friend I was just inspired to write about it," Shaznay recently told us about the single. "When you write songs it's all about feeling." At the time Nicole was going through a particularly brutal divorce with Liam Gallagher, and the track is not about filing paperwork — it's about the exact moment the singer was informed that her husband was a serial-cheating d-bag. "It's about a moment," says Shaz. "A phone call."

Read our exclusive comeback interview with Mel, Shaznay, Natalie, and Nicole here, and preorder the album here ahead of its April 8 release. It includes a song called Ratchet Behaviour, in case you were having any hesitations.  


Text Hannah Ongley 
Photography Paul Phung

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