naomi watts will join the ‘twin peaks’ revival

Not content with convincing David Duchovny to reprise his role as Denise, the legendary director is hitting up longtime collaborators from his other films for the highly anticipated ‘Twin Peaks’ reunion.

by Emily Manning and i-D Staff
02 February 2016, 7:15pm

The forthcoming season of Twin Peaks is shaping up to be the ultimate David Lynch reunion. Not just because OG cast members Kyle MacLaughlin and Sherilyn Fenn -- who played the would-be couple of small town Washington dreams: Special Agent Dale Cooper and smouldering schoolgirl Audrey Horne -- have signed on. Lynch's collaborators from other films are getting in on the action. Earlier this month, news broke that Wild at Heart star Laura Dern is attached to the project. Today, Deadline confirmed that Mulholland Drive's Naomi Watts will also join the supernatural series.

Dern's announcement sent many into a nerd spiral. Though details of her involvement are under wraps, internet speculation has it that she might play Diane, the never-seen secretary Agent Cooper frequently leaves voice memos for. If that's the case, she and MacLaughlin will be sleuthing together again, as they first did in Lynch's 1986 film Blue Velvet. Even fewer details -- or conspiracy theories -- regarding Watts' involvement have bubbled up. If you've seen the neo-noir thriller that launched Watts' career, however, you'll remember the name Diane Selwyn. Might there be a possibility for resurrected character crossover between the two women? In Lynch's dreamscapes, one can never be sure (the owls are not what they seem).

Deadline also confirmed that Quentin Tarantino faves Tom Sizemore and Jennifer Jason Leigh will join Lynch's project, and that Amanda Seyfried will likely make an appearance after being spotted on set. The iconic director's oeuvre spans nearly 40 years, so he's still got plenty of star power to tap into for the Showtime revival. Some suggestions: Wild at Heart's Nicolas Cage, Lost Highway's Patricia Arquette, and Blue Velvet's Isabella Rossellini. 


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