meet the cast of team hurricane, your new favourite punk rock chick flick

They’re radical girls in an ordinary world.

by Matthew Whitehouse
06 September 2017, 1:32pm

Team Hurricane is the punk rock chick flick of your dreams. The debut film from young director Annika Berg, it's a fresh spin on the classic coming-of-age story about eight teenage girls who bond one summer at a Danish youth club. It looks amazing, it sounds amazing (dig First Hate by Trojan Horse in the trailer below) and -- mixing documentary with highly stylised fiction -- it features a cast of of non-actors found entirely on social media. Selected as one out of seven films in competition for the Venice Film Festival's Critics' Week, we met the girls to find out exactly what it takes to be part of the team.

Name: Mathilde Linneau Daugaard Jensen Age: 18 Instagram: @AwesomeTeacat Describe yourself… I'm a tiny lady with blue hair and a lot of piercings. I love cats, plants, sunflowers, aliens and lava lamps. Describe your character in Team Hurricane I'm mostly myself, but there is one scene where I'm a wrapped up penis. Given your experience of being a teenager, how accurate is Team Hurricane ? I think it paints a super image of how it is to be a teenager! It shows that you don't have to be what everyone else expects you to be and that is important! What is Team Hurricane and why is it exciting? Team Hurricane is proof of there being hope for everyone and that you aren't alone, which is cool because there are way too many who don't believe in there being hope for everyone and that you are not alone.

Name: Zara Age: 17 Instagram: Non Describe yourself... Same as in the following question, just more in harmony with myself. I am generally more happy and confident. Describe your character in Team Hurricane ... I have a quiet and held back personality, with a past full of sickness and hospital visits. I am also a thoughtful person, who is deeply absorbed with various things. I may seem reserved and fragile, but I can break barriers. Given your experience of being a teenager, how accurate is Team Hurricane ? Very accurate. It has a documentary point of view, after all. However, it is just our point of view, not the overall picture. Everyone could come up with a story about something, and it would be true in its own way, but Team Hurricane is highly accurate on the subject. What is Team Hurricane and why is it exciting? It is a film, but more than that, a piece of art, a piece of the director, producer, the actors and everyone else on the team. It is exciting, partly because of Annika's unique, beautiful style, which is incomparable. I am certain few will have seen anything like this in a film before.

Name: Sara Morling Age: 17 Instagram: @mimihampton Describe yourself... Hmm... I really like pink, I think that's worth mentioning. I am interchangeably either really insecure or very self-worshipping, but maybe that's just being a teenager? I'd like to become a super-duper singer-song-writer-producer-machine + be famous on YouTube cuz Y not, stop judging! And I'd like to sound like the ideal mix of Tchaikovsky, Ennio Morricone, Lana Del Rey, That Poppy & Brian Eno. I also really like fashion. All sorts of styles, Harajuku fashion being one of them. A dream come true would be to master Japanese which I totally suck at right now, so that I could open up my own designer fashion boutique in Tokyo. I also want to be happy one day (haha) -- but really. What is Team Hurricane and why is it exciting? Are you for real? Have you not been paying attention? It's the movie duh, and it's exciting cause like, just look at the trailer.

Name: Maja Leth Bang Age: 18 Instagram: @majanease Describe yourself... I like not being anything specific. I'm a bit of everything but I'm definitely the type of person you notice. I'm someone that loves to go to a bar by myself and have a coke just to meet new people. Describe your character in Team Hurricane I'm one of the loudest out of all the girls. I'm pretty out there and confident but at the same time sensitive and with a lot of problems at home. What is Team Hurricane and why is it exciting? It's not like any movie you've seen before! It's not just another teen movie about boys and girls getting drunk. The movie allows you to look into the lives and souls of 8 girls. You probably see yourself or your friend… or maybe yourself 10 years ago. And hopefully it will show you it's okay to feel whatever you're feeling.

Name: Eja Penelope Roepstorff Age: 19 Instagram: @ejapenelope Describe yourself... Angry, exaggerated, vulgar, love exalted, confused, self-centered, vulnerable, queer teenage who is trying a little too hard. Just like everyone else. Or maybe not trying enough. I don't know really. Describe your character in Team Hurricane .... My character is different from who I am now, both because I was under direction, but also because I was a different person one and a half year back when we shot than I am now. What is Team Hurricane and why is it exciting? It is a jumble of colours, girls, blood and teenage vibes, which is demonstrated in an untraditional constellation that you just have to observe, get used to and worship.

Name: Mia My Elise Pedersen Age: 20 Instagram: miap666 Describe yourself... I am a 20-year-old girl, originally from Tønder in the southernmost part of Denmark, but right now I live in Odense with my flatmate Sarah. I care a lot about animal welfare and the environment, so that's why I'm vegan. I'm very into European history and plan to do a degree in it one day. Describe your character in Team Hurricane ... Mia has very distinctive neon yellow hair and is a pretty insecure girl that struggles a whole lot with the pressure of having to "be yourself", because who the fuck is that? She is very weighed down by the thoughts of what the future will bring her, her body image and even the simple things of everyday life like getting up in the morning. Given your experience of being a teenager, how accurate is Team Hurricane ? The essence of the film and all the issues we cover are VERY accurate, and this is really because they are a 100% real and nobody is acting like they have this and that problem. The conflicts in the movie aren't written by some adult who hasn't felt what it's like being a teenager since the last century. If I cry in the film, it's real.

Name: Ira Age: 16 in a month Instagram: ira_roennenfelt Describe yourself... Calm Describe your character in Team Hurricane ... I don't know if my character has one specific role in the group of friends. I was pretty much just myself in fictional situations, but I remember at the time I was, and still am, pretty frustrated about always being considered small and ignorant because I was "only 14." So maybe I was a young girl who wanted to be taken more seriously? I don't know. What is Team Hurricane and why is it exciting? It's really hard to describe Team Hurricane, but to me it's exciting because I haven't seen any other movies like it. It isn't about a specific story you have heard a thousand times before. It's about feelings and colour.

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