i-D are crashing the music video awards

Or ‘supporting’, if we’re being all proper about it.

by Georgie Wright
25 July 2017, 9:39am

Another year, another set of incredibly stylish musicians in equally well dressed videos that need power ranking by yours truly. The UK Music Video Awards will be celebrating their 10th Anniversary on 26 October and honour the creative brains, eyes and ears behind the world's best music videos. Of which there are a lot -- from animators to camera people to producers to the yep, all important stylists. Because as insanely talented and multifaceted as Beyoncé is, she can't claim all the credit.

As the awards' editorial director David Knight says, "Since 2008 our aim has been to recognise and celebrate the extraordinary creativity and craft that goes into the making of music videos. We've obviously been doing something right." Right.

This will be the fourth time i-D's supported the Best Styling category at the awards, and with past winners including Marni Senofonte for Beyoncé's Formation (2016); Mel Ottenberg for Rihanna's Bitch Better Have My Money (2015), and Nicola Formichetti for Brooke Candy's Opulence, it's safe to say we sure know our i-Cons, and that this year's entries have a lot to live up to. 

Find out more information about the awards here.


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