what went down at lovebox 2017

Play it again, Frank.

by Georgie Wright
18 July 2017, 3:25pm

Want to see a picture that sums up Lovebox 2017? Actually, scratch that - it that sums up a fraction of Lovebox 2017, so take this screenshot and quadruple it, because these were only some of the notifications for just the Friday of the two day festival:

If that's not one of the best looking festival line ups of the summer I don't know what it is. Except maybe a Spotify playlist titled 'Party Time Good Vibes Much Fun'. Here are some of the things that caught our eye, besides the abundance of facial glitter.

Frank Ocean! He was there!
We have to open with Friday's closer, none other than the elusive Frank Ocean, who -- just like the body of water he takes his name from -- waves in and out of the public eye with absolutely zero warning as to when he's going to drop a tsunami of new video or, y'know, pull out of Primavera. But he came, he delivered, he ensured our future boyfriends will never be able to compete with what's no doubt most romantic long walk by the Ocean we'll ever have. And by walk I mean melt, and by romantic I mean Marry Me.

Spike Jonze filmed him, and us
Ever wanted to star in a film by an Oscar winning filmmaker? This was your chance, with the director filming the crowd from behind Frank -- visuals that appeared as his backdrop and may or may not appear in a rumoured behind the scenes tour film. Not a bad soundtrack either, and with Frank oozing lyrics like "you need a cosign for your health" while you were swaying dizzily side to side and dreaming of winning an Oscar yourself for method acting.

Speaking of health, or lack thereof, Solange ran away from hospital to perform
The singer was literally in hospital the morning of Lovebox, but "she broke out of that bitch" to play for us because she's an absolute goddess who "knew this place was going to be filled with so much love." Uh, yuh, it is called Lovebox after all. Although it could be renamed LoveSolange given the overwhelmingly enthusiastic reception for her, who gave a better performance after three days in hospital than the rest of us ever could at the peak health we'll never reach.

i-D's Class of 2017 graduates Sälen and Ray BLK were first class
Both relatively new on the scene, both killing sets with stage presence that belied their experience, both backed by i-D from the start. Just sayin'.

There was a tasty side of grime
Because it wouldn't really be a London festival without it now would it? Kano, Giggs, and up-and-comer AJ Tracey filled out the bill for all the adamant grime fans. So, most of us.

We've had his record on repeat in i-D HQ since its release, so it was nice to finally catch his set on something other than the office stereo.

Mac Miller did good
Not gonna lie, we were low key hoping he'd bring out Ariana now that she's an honorary citizen of Manchesterand all, and also they are very cute together aren't they. But regardless, he still smashed it and we all had a great time, despite having to dash a little prematurely to catch...

Sampha's voice; Sampha's beats; Sampha's band
All the above, all incredible, all contributing to to a mighty fine set from the piano man. You know who else was incredible? His drummer. After a bit of instastalking we identified him as PAULi, a musician in his own right, who we now all have a very big crush on.

Speaking of crushes -- hi Jamie xx ;)
Hi set featuring a selection of bangers including Gosh and Good Times and All Under One Roof Raving, which pretty much sum it up.

We got to hang out backstage at the NEWGEN stage
Which you should go and read all about here.

And lots of other things
Mick Jenkins! DJ EZ! Raye! Rex Orange County! Lots more people that were all great and we want to write longer things on but we're running out of words! Besides, if you really wanted to know more about it, you probably should've just gone.


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