take an exclusive first look at stussy’s new autumn/winter 17 collection

And start saving those pennies.

by Georgie Wright
07 August 2017, 8:05am

It's a mixed feeling when the autumn/winter collections start rolling. On the one hand, it sucks to be reminded that summer is impermanent and long nights of cocooning ourselves in about eight duvets are imminent. On the other, more cold means more layers which means more clothes which means we can be way more creative than summer's uniform of denim shorts and a band tee.

Exhibit A: Stussy's new autumn/winter 17, which features more layers than a cake. Ok, not quite, but there's a very nice long sleeve tee under a polo shirt situation. Actually, it's not like a cake at all. Because all the layers are very different -- different fabrics, different textures, different patterns, all tied together with an earthy toned bow. There's stripes under plaid, corduroy with denim, plus a bit of mohair wool woven in for warm measure. The pared back lookbook was shot by Dan Regan and styled by Tom Guinness, and though it's technically a mens' collection, I'm a girl and would wear every single one of these items. Maybe autumn won't be so bad after all? 


Text Georgie Wright

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