Photography Jaylin Da’Shawn

What your April 2022 looked like

From Azerbaijan to Zambia, here's a snapshot of the world from last month.

by Ryan White
05 May 2022, 12:37pm

Photography Jaylin Da’Shawn

i-D closed out 2020 with My Year in a Photo, a 12-month retrospective that brought in hundreds of incredible submissions from all over the world. We enjoyed it so much that from now on, we’ll be running it as a regular feature. At the end of each month, we’ll open our inbox to photographs from anyone and everyone — just email

Once again we received even more submissions than the month before, making the process of editing this story even harder. For anyone whose images did not make the cut, please do keep sending us your photography, as we’ve been overwhelmed by the quality of the submissions and want to keep sharing as much of it as possible.


AmonRyu, 24, Japan

“Typical Japanese playing.” @amonryu


Matheus Theodoro, 26, São Paulo, Brasil

“When I say don't pose. I took this photo on Saturday night in my city Amparo-sp.” @mthstheodoro

wake up in old house.jpg

Janevit Suthanasirichai, 27, Bangkok, Thailand

“I saw she woke up in her old wooden house. It reminds her of childhood.” @janevitw

C059681-R1-20-23 (1).jpg

Vinylios, 23, Greece

"It was a gathering among friends and we played with a remote that changed the colour of the light. I saw my beautiful friend Vasiliki and took her portrait with my analogue camera. For me it was a moment to appreciate the friendship that we share." @vinyl_face

image_6483441 (4).JPG

Delfina Guastavino, 19, Buenos Aires, Argentina

“We stopped to admire the colours.” @delfiguastavino


Jaylin Da’Shawn, 26, New York, USA

“The kids saw my camera and lit up with joy. They want to be famous.” @yajlin


Beatriz, 22, Aveiro, Portugal

“My friend, Ferro, driving with boards on his head. We did an Easter trip through the Portuguese coast to surf.”


Daniel Fernandez, 16, California, USA

“I’ve been going to this skatepark since I was 6 years old. 10 years later nothing has changed.” @dannyfernandez._


Akram Hamdan, Nova Scotia, Canada

“This image was taken while waiting for the sun to set during the month of Ramadan to break our fast.”


Arinzechukwu Patrick, 26, Lagos, Nigeria

“I became a father last night. The joy I feel is mixed with sadness from the loud screams. I love my daughter but it hurt too to see my lover going through so much pain.” @arnzechukwu

cowboy stretch.jpg

Jack Fox, 22, Virginia, USA

“This photograph was taken at a rodeo outside of Richmond, Virginia. I had never been to one before and I snuck into the cowboy warm up area to watch them stretch and prepare to ride bulls.” @yack_fox

SanderCoers_I (1).jpeg

Sander Coers, 25, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

“Inspired by memories of summer days of my youth in Zeeland, this photo visualizes the vulnerability of growing up, the transformation to adulthood, the fragility of young masculinity and finding love and self-acceptance.” @sanderscoers


Yoshiki Ikuta, 27, Tokyo, Japan

"A beautiful person appeared before me at Tokyo Rainbow Pride." @yoshikiikuta1994


Red Wang, 24, London, United Kingdom

“Summer is coming.” @chaichaipoppy


Ruben Grøndahl, 23, Oslo, Norway

“He put on the glasses to hide his eyes. Maybe he had seen enough, and now he wanted to look inwards.” @rubendawnson

image1 (1).jpeg

Daniel Lee, 23, New Zealand

“We love to admire animals, beautiful models, celebrities. But I feel everyday ordinary people are often looked past.” @daniellee_


Naila Dadash-zadeh, 24, Baku, Azerbaijan

“I took this photograph on film in the beginning of April while travelling to the start point of a hike trail in Skopje, Macedonia. Standing there from my perspective I found the composition to be quite mysterious and beckoning.”

1970-01-20-041608812 (1).jpg

Kalenga Nkonge aka bonkoti, 50, Lusaka, Zambia

“This is literally a tiny one-room red light bar. It will fit less than 10 people at a go. Outside it actually says it's a barbershop. Maybe by day it is.”


Nik Sanchez, 18, California, USA

“Teenage kissers.” @sun.looper

image_6483441 (5).JPG

Mehrdad Mosaferi, 24, Bandarabbas, Iran

“Residents of an old neighbourhoods in southern Iran performing a traditional and religious play during the month of Ramadan.” @mehrdadmosaferii


Bobby Mandrup, 36, Odense, Denmark

“Two suns in the sunset.” @bobbymandrup

_DSC0043-Edit copy (1).jpg

Edgar Fayad, 27, Cancun, Mexico

"I capture this moment thinking about how the season is changing here in Cancun, Mexico and what it means to all Mexican families. Gathering on Sundays to enjoy each other and sharing unique moments such as these." @edgar.fayad


All images courtesy the artist

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