Bennifer's reunion is Instagram official, thank you horny celebrity gods

Thank you Jennifer Lopez for showing celebrities how to celebrity well.

by George Griffiths
25 July 2021, 10:37am

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There are quite simply not enough celebrities today who can celebrity well, so thanks must go out to Jennifer Lopez for preserving this artform by (finally) confirming her reunion with ex-fiancee Ben Affleck in an Instagram post.

Bennifer is back, baby, and we’ve never felt more alive. Did it suddenly shift back to 2002 again? Why are we suddenly wearing Capri pants and using a scarf as a belt?

JLo, proving once and for all that she is Teflon-strength force of A-List endurance in these troubled times, nestled the first officially-sanctioned Bennifer reunion picture at the very end of an Instagram post celebrating her 52nd (!) birthday.

Also, brief side-note: Jennifer is definitively proving here that if you release bops, keep the girls and the gays fed and pole-dance to Fiona Apple, you stay young forever and always get your man in the end, inspiring stuff.

While there have been rumblings all hot girl summer long that JLo and her former beau had reunited (and by reunited, we mean ‘making out in a variety of stunning beach-side locales), this is the first time that either party has officially, officially confirmed the reunion.

For the uninitiated among you, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were one of the A-List power couples of the early-00s, and one of the first instances where a celebrity couple became known by a definitive portmanteau by the press and the public (but certainly not the last - Bennifer would inspire the likes of Brangelina, TomKat, etc. etc.)

Their relationship took place at a time where both were at the peak of their initial fame; for JLo following a string of Number 1 hits (“I’m Real”, “Ain’t It Funny”) and box office successes (Maid In Manhattan, what a classic) and for Ben, his big leap into the A-List following Good Will Hunting.

They were only together initially for less than 2 years, but fit an ill-fated engagement, a wedding called off 4 days (!!) before it was supposed to take place and a series of well-meaning but chaotic choices (Gigli, Jersey Girl) into their time as a celebrity super-couple.

Basically, watch the "Jenny From The Block” music video, it’s all in there.

Bennifer’s reunion comes after the dissolution of their two previous relationships; JLo’s engagement to former US baseball player Alex Rodriguez and Ben’s iconic dalliance with Knives Out star Ana de Armas, cardboard cut-out and all.

No word yet on whether a Gigli sequel is in the works, but we patiently await an announcement of any kind. Bennifer forever!

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