Good to know even Rihanna gets ID'd

'No ID, no entry' also applies to our favourite celebrities, unfortunately.

by Kumba Kpakima
25 June 2021, 2:20pm

Rihanna…what’s her name? At least, that’s what a New York bouncer was asking our lord and saviour on Thursday night, when she was turned away from a club for not having identification. Of course, there’s room for making mistakes in every job, but not knowing who Rihanna is more than a mere mistake. It’s a character flaw. 

In a video that has since gone viral, the Fenty Beauty founder, international celebrity and media mogul who has sold over 50 million albums and 215 million records worldwide, was turned away from Barcade in New York amid a dispute over her ID (or lack of it)… because the bouncer didn’t know who she was..

The situation was  brought the attention of Twitter yesterday by user @lgforkman who wrote: “I just saw a bouncer try to not let Rihanna into a bar not having id lmaooo whose mans is this.”  

Since (inevitably) going viral, people around the world have been trying to decipher what was being said in the footage.  Although it is difficult to work it out exactly, internet sleuths say it appears as though the ID-related concern was focused solely on Rihanna while the well-meaning but presumably equally perplexed A$AP Rocky continues to plead with the barman. At one point, you can hear the bouncer ask Rocky to provide his business card and a woman briefly says: ‘I don’t know who you are.’ (Ouch!) 

While Rih’s Navy have been losing their minds at the interaction, many have questioned how it is possible to live on planet Earth and not know who Rihanna is. Others have been in support of the bouncer for doing his job and sticking to the classic rule of ‘no ID, no entry’.

“The shock at Rihanna being refused entry to a nightclub by a bouncer because she didn't have ID is interesting,” writer Jason Okundaye posted on Twitter. ”Because people really can't seem to grasp that there are huge numbers of people who simply don't know who these super rich celebrities are.”

It’s good to see even the beautiful, rich and famous people are unknown to someone, we guess.

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