TikTok toy drama and Taylor Swift’s Fearless: what i-D loved this week

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by Douglas Greenwood
19 February 2021, 3:01pm

Images via @taylorswift and @sylvaniandrama

In i-D Loves, we look back upon the last seven days in our calendar and pinpoint the pieces that best represent the current moment. No matter what you’re in the mood for this weekend -- be it tiny toy drama or iconique Taylor Swift records  -- we've got you covered. Here's what i-D loved this week.

On TikTok, these children’s toys are messy and masochistic

There is a reason why people harbour so much disdain for daytime trash like The Jeremy Kyle Show and Dr. Phil: for the most part, they make dangerous drama from people’s real life misfortunes. If you’re a fan of car crash TV but don’t want there to be any human impact in said TV, tune into this Sylvanian Families TikTok drama instead. It’s wild and addictive, and not in any way supported by the creators of Sylvanian Families.

How designers are interpreting the strong woman of 2021

It’s no secret that fashion is shaped by the inspiration and hard work of strong women, though rarely do their stereotypical aesthetics make it to the runway. While Sinead O’Dwyer is fashioning dresses from curvaceous silicone bodysuits, others, like Schiaparelli are honing in on the seldom seen six pack. So why are these traits, particularly the latter, having their moment right now? Sophie Wilson finds out here

Post-COVID, the climate crisis will still shape our generation’s future

The unshakeable pandemic that has plagued us long before Coronavirus has been on the backburner in news media since the virus that’s shaped our lives first broke out. But before and beyond COVID, the climate crisis urgently needed addressing. Here, 16-year-old climate activist Scarlett Westbrook unpacks how we can stay focussed on that necessary fight. 

Young Leo’s looks slapped; here’s our favourites.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s presence in pop culture during the 90s was unparalleled. So too was the way his famously low-key looks inspired generations of dressers, even decades down the line. In this week’s style evolution, we chart those early days all the way through to his looks on the contemporary red carpet. Fancy some of that inspiration? Head here to see his illustrious fashion timeline. 

13 years on, Taylor Swift’s breakout record deserves a second listen

In April, nearly 13 years after her sophomore record Fearless was released, Taylor Swift will release a new recording of it, reclaiming her masters from a rookie deal forged without her consent. Back then, it was the epitome of teen drama and romance, beloved by her fans, and the beginning of her mainstream breakout. Now, as songwriters and artists continue to use it as a blueprint for their work, George Griffiths looks back upon its legacy. Read all about it here

In 2021, the Stonewall protests still rage on

You’d be forgiven for thinking that Stonewall was a moment in history, fought back then and largely seen as a past movement since. But the famous protests of 1969 are still being fought to this day, mainly to liberate the very folks who lead them in the first place. While predominantly white gays and lesbians experienced a new age of acceptance, queer and trans folks of colour, particularly Black LGBTQ+ folks, were still protesting as recently as last week. Photographer Steven Molina Contreras was there, capturing the movement. You can see his pictures here.

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