SZA has started a hotline for you to cry about things with her


by Roisin Lanigan
21 January 2021, 11:38am

Normally, we refer to the third Monday of January as Blue Monday -- AKA the most depressing day of the year. But this year it went largely unacknowledged. Something about a seemingly endless pandemic twinned with the most depressing month of the year means that every day of 2021 has felt like Blue Monday. But don’t despair, SZA is here to help! 

Well, kind of. She’s here to feel our collective pain, at the very least. Last night SZA revealed her latest project on Instagram: a hotline where fans can call and cry about things. Has there ever been a more well-timed drop? We don’t think so. 

In a video, directed by SZA herself and shot by Blair Caldwell, the singer shared the number for her hotline -- 888-808-0CRY -- with the tagline “a place for us” and some nostalgic 90s hotline visuals of women crying on the phone. “Uhh, random I made a hotline to cry n laugh n talk w chall”, SZA captioned the video for her new project, #GOODLINE. 

According to her tweets last night, over 60,000 calls were made in the first five hours, suggesting that our suspicions were right, and demand for such a service is high. 

So if you’re feeling overwhelmed and depressed right now, or if you just fancy a chat, you can reach out to the woman who gave the world some of its greatest sad bangers and just vent on Friday, when SZA herself will be taking calls. Until then, SZA promises that the chat-line will provide custom meditations, as well as providing resources for anyone who is struggling. 

Good times will come to us soon. Until then, it’s okay to cry on the phone to SZA, or your mates, or your therapist, or just cry by yourself. We get it.