Photography Piere-Ange Carlotti. Styling Mel Ottenberg. 

adam selman had a crush on his trainer until he learned he was a gemini

The designer tells i-D all about A.S.S., also known as Adam Selman Sport, which launches today.

by Jack Sunnucks
25 January 2019, 5:55pm

Photography Piere-Ange Carlotti. Styling Mel Ottenberg. 

Notedly cheeky designer Adam Selman says he's been thinking about A.S.S a lot recently, by which he means Adam Selman Sport, his new eponymous line. A.S.S celebrates both looking hot and doing the right thing, as the line is created using recycled nylon and polyester, and all garments will be shipped using eco-friendly, biodegradable packaging. Which, frankly, is also hot. You can see the collection below in all its glory, which was shot by Pierre-Ange Carlotti and is available today — just in time to provide ample inspiration for your weekend dancercise class.

i-D caught up with Adam to talk about the divine Jean-Claude Van Damme, his “Peggy Bundy meets Alaia” aesthetic, and, of course, ASS.

Hello Adam! Why's it important to look and feel good when you're doing something sporty?
I think it's important to feel good, period. Looking good might give you that extra boost to become a little more sporty, a little more confident, and a little more bold, whether it’s inside the gym, on the street, in the club, on a date or wherever else you find yourself (I’m not here to judge).

What kind of exercise inspiration can you give us for 2019?
Have fun with it, to start. After not exercising for almost four years, I started by finding an instructor and quickly developing a secret crush on him… until I found out he was a Gemini (dealbreaker), but he at least got me to the gym. I tend to look for motivation from someone else. Go to a class where you’re told what to do and how to do it, follow someone around at the gym and mimic what they do, or ask a friend how many steps or miles they walked in a day… healthy competition.

Who is your sportswear icon? Mine is Michael Douglas, stretching on a yacht.
I bounce between Jean-Claude Van Damme doing the splits in the kitchen and all the competitors in the 1988 Crystal Light Aerobics Championship.


Tell us how you made your label more sustainable.
It was actually a huge starting point when I was thinking about A.S.S, and trust me, I was thinking about A.S.S a lot. I started by personally giving up straws, which led to giving up as many single-use plastic items as possible. Team members in my studio took on the challenge, as well. We wanted to see if we could extend that same mentality into the clothes we were developing. So we focused on recycled fabrics and yarns, developing packaging that is biodegradable or compostable, sourcing shipping supplies that are recycled and reusable, printing methods on our hangtags that use less toxic dyes and water. We were able to offer extended sizing from 00-20. It isn’t perfect, and we certainly have a ways to go, but we are proud that we are able to implement this from the start and develop, refine, and improve it as my A.S.S gets bigger.

What is the best exercise in A.S.S?
Sit ups to sit downs, working to working out, deadlifts to deadlines… I think ASS gives you the opportunity to exercise however hard or light you want to, but ultimately it’s just the suggestion to do it, not a judgment if you choose not to.

Can gyms be chic?
Gyms are what you make them, much like college. I lean towards the notion of gyms being a place of no judgement, a place to do something positive for yourself. If you’re in a room surrounded by mirrors, you might as well enjoy what you see.


Tell us about your sportif looking models…
Aren’t they stunners? Lameka Fox and I have worked together for several years, she’s been in multiple shows of mine. Noel Berry is so beautiful and really brought some serious moves. I am deeply obsessed. Jhona Burjack is a total stud and gentleman. Pierre-Ange Carlotti photographed, Mel Ottenberg styled, Bob Recine did the hair, Holly Falcone did the nails, and Francelle Daly did the makeup. It was a powerhouse team and we had a blast making it come to life.

Why leopard? It's particularly fetching as leggings.
Why thank you! I think so too! We were focused on “clASSics” for the launch and thought leopard print is a perfect combination of classic and sporty. It’s very Peggy Bundy meets Alaia, Jayne Mansfield meets Shania Twain, Eartha Kitt meets Fredericks of Hollywood.

What's your new year's resolution?
1. Continue on my journey to using less single-use plastic products.
2. Take more risks.
3. Do the splits in my kitchen like JCVD.

What's one song we should add to our dancercise playlist?
“Juice” by LIZZO.

Adam Selman Sport is available at Net-A-Porter.


Photography Pierre-Ange Carlotti

Stylist Mel Ottenberg

Hair Bob Recine

Makeup Francelle Daly

Nails Holly Falcone

Models Jhona Burjack, Lameka Fox, Noel Berry

adam selman