5 badass alien babes in films

Inspired by the arrival of Bubble, the stripping, shape-shifting alien in Luc Besson’s hotly anticipated sci-fi spectacular, 'Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planet,' played gloriously by none other than Rihanna, we salute our all-time favourite...

by Billie Brand
03 August 2017, 2:05pm

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What is it that makes the sci-fi genre so out-of-this-world (pun intended)? It is, obviously, the hot alien space babes that populate the films. Yes there are kaleidoscopic sets, weird and wonderful storylines, and some fantastical fashions. Yes, they all play their part. But our favorite element in any cosmic flick? The badass babes. The fierce-AF femme alien.

The latest addition to Hollywood's girl-shaped alien clan is Bubble: the stripping, shape-shifting alien in Luc Besson's hotly anticipated sci-fi spectacular, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. Played by none other than Rihanna, Bubble teases Prada-poster boy Dane Dehaan AKA Valerian as she transforms herself from the ultimate queen bee, Cleopatra to all pretty in pink — a wink to Marilyn Monroe in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. To celebrate its upcoming release, and the arrival of Bubble, we flick back through sci-fi's archives and salute our favorite female aliens.

Martian Girl in Mars Attacks!
Blessed with a beehive big enough to disguise her big alien head, Martian Girl is the bodacious finger-chewing bombshell sent down to earth by the Martian army to assassinate the President in Tim Burton's cartoonish comic Mars Attacks! Complete with super cute accessories that double up as gadgets (see her ruby-red supersonic gun masked as a handbag, or eyeball ring that's also a secret camera FYI), Martian Girl glides into the White House dressed to the nines on the hunt for America's top dog. The super stylish sci-fi flick also features a pre-SATC Sarah Jessica Parker as fashion journalist Nathalie Lake, who might not be an alien per se, but simply deserves a shout-out for her sassy concoction of outfits that include a metallic micro-trench, pop-tastic two-tone mini dresses, and sparkling pink platforms.

Leeloo in The Fifth Element
Ah, Leeloo. The Fifth Element's tangerine-haired dream, played to perfection by a then 22-year-old superstar-in-the-making, Milla Jovovich. Leeloo is the ultimate supreme being, created using alien DNA to save earth from a great evil. Aesthetically speaking, Leeloo is perfect. "Perfect" being the term used to describe her by the male scientists who first witnessed a naked Leeloo awaken in the lab. Dressed in some iconic Jean Paul Gaultier, Leeloo frolics around 23rd century New York City, kicking male ass with her top-notch kung-fu skills. What's more, when male protagonist Korben Dallas attempts to kiss the red-headed hottie while she's unconscious, she puts a gun to his head: "Ecto gammat!", which literally translates to, "never without my permission." Well said.

The unnamed alien in Under the Skin
Jonathan Glazer's exquisite art house film Under the Skin features starlet Scarlett Johansson as the unnamed alien who peels the skin off a Scarlett-shaped woman and slips it on to disguise her alien form. Adapted from Michel Faber's novel of the same title, the film follows the alien as she drives around Scotland picking up male hitchhikers, luring them into her van with her beguiling looks. She takes each stranger to an even stranger setting — a dark, almost indescribable space — where she strips naked and watches her male prey sink into a black void as they lust after her female form.

Princess Aura in Flash Gordon
Okay, so this 80s movie might be named after the male lead, but this film is all about Princess Aura. Sticking two fingers up to gender conventions, it's Princess Aura who flips traditions by saving Flash Gordon, bringing him back to life with her kiss. Hailing from planet Mongo, Princess Aura deserves the spotlight because not only is she positively sexually progressive with numerous lovers, but she's also feisty, intelligent, and independent. It's also all about her fabulous wardrobe: the hot-pink one-shouldered gown that perfectly matches her eye shadow, her OTT shimmering crowns, and the best glittering gold bikini we've ever seen — Princess Leia, eat your heart out.

Aayla Secura in Star Wars Episode III
When you think about the women of Stars Wars, you probably picture Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia in that gold bikini, or Natalie Portman as Padme Amidala, gallivanting around in spaceships. But let us remember Aayla Secura: the blue-skinned beauty who was more partial to kicking ass than kissing boys — the Lara Croft of a galaxy far, far away.

Oh, and it's Master Aayla Secura to you: this female alien's a total lightsaber-pro. A stint in the Star Wars saga may have been brief but this space babe's cobalt complexion and fighting skills are well worth celebrating.

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