5 ways to empower yourself from body activist and curve model robyn lawley

From accepting your frame to surrounding yourself with kind people, the Australian beaut gives us her 5 step guide to feeling beautiful.

by i-D Staff
06 June 2017, 7:45am

My name is Robyn Lawley. For the past 10 or so years I've been modelling. Growing up in Sydney, I felt like a troll. I was tall and would sporadically gain a tonne of weight, then lose it during growth spurts.

Then I started modelling at 16. Models can be pretty insecure -- they're constantly being judged, but I just kept quietly working. It's pretty badass that I can model at the size I am, and since I started I've witnessed the industry grow. It was ridiculous that for so long no one above a size eight could model.

But as a female, I struggle with the constant demands of feeling beautiful. I'm quite the tomboy, I never wear make-up, I dress comfortably and I feel better about myself when I create. I feel stronger, and smarter, and more independent when I learn new things -- for me, it's intelligence that makes me feel strong.

1. Embrace your individual self…
Embrace whatever makes you unique, because we all have something. It's more empowering to own who you are right now, not tomorrow. If you're insecure about your individuality, it's helpful to fake it until you make it. I did with my height. One day I just stood up taller. It's never going to be something I can change, and suddenly I realised how rare and special it can be.

2. Be the change you want to see
Empower yourself by saying 'enough is enough', there's no such thing as perfection. There's a huge amount of Photoshop and editing done to pretty much all photos these days, no one's skin looks like plastic in real life. We all have lines, spots, bumps and scars. I like to think of it as my tapestry of life.

3. Surround yourself with KIND people…
My friends are so important to me and they bring me up, not down. Don't let your peeps hurl insults or drag you down. Some people are fuelled by their own insecurities, or they're just toxic people. In turn, don't insult, depreciate or hurt others, it never helps anyone including yourself. This world has enough 'ugly'. Perhaps try to compliment someone you normally wouldn't. Don't be inauthentic, just look a little closer and see something you missed before.

4. Accept your frame…
Our body frames are all different. I'm naturally quite broad, and my natural size is UK 14-16; that's a healthy weight and size for me, we all have different types.

5. Start a hobby…
Get your mind off this constant demand for attention to your exterior self.

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