watch the sleek new video for blue, by kaytranada collaborator shay lia

Dive eyes and ears first into a love song full of regret.

by Frankie Dunn
15 June 2017, 7:55am

You may not know Shay Lia by name, but you'll certainly recognise her sultry, smooth vocals. The French and Djiboutian singer-songwriter lent her voice to KAYTRANADA's Leave Me Alone, one of our favourite tracks of last year, after meeting the producer at a party in their hometown of Montreal. Since then, SHAYTRANADA as they've become known, have gone on to perform together at Coachella, and work on Shay's solo work, putting out the very impressive 3 Months, and Blue, which was co-produced by BADBADNOTGOOD. Now, we're excited to present the video for Blue.

"Blue is simply your classic love song," Shay says. "I wanted to present myself as vulnerable. I talk about love lost, regret, solitude and the fact that despite how much time passes I'm convinced I still have things to share with him." She believes her music -- and Blue in particular -- would be a great soundtrack for film of the year, Moonlight. "The photography, the relationship with the moon, the color blue, the authenticity of how they showcased love and the act of falling for someone before losing him/her makes me think that it could have illustrated it perfectly."

Anyway, enough preamble about the colour, the feeling, the mood. Directed by Plastic Gun, it's a beautiful, sleek trip through a brutalist landscape that soon descends into a deep blue world. It's great. She's great. YOU'RE great. Q concerned about all the bad luck she'll have to suffer for that smashed mirror though. Watch below.

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