video ​premiere: la shark, aaa

Five friends had it all… to lose

by i-D Team
09 April 2015, 4:25pm

On the verge of releasing their debut album Imaginary Music (due 27th April via Tape Music), London five-piece La Shark keep it coming with a teen movie turned bloodbath in honour of their new single, AAA. Almost as cute (and furry) as the Duracell bunnies themselves, the band are loud, proud and make us want to walk down a high school corridor in slow motion, popping gum as we do it. As they prepare to headline Peckham's Bussey Building next month, we're pleased to present the premiere of a video packed full of sex, murder, sexy murder and plenty of explosions - all set to a banging soundtrack. Word on the street is that Cher found it "shit scary". 

*Bell rings for class*

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