​reba maybury’s radical people launches on election day

A newspaper dedicated to the apathetic and bored, celebrating subculture icons and radical thinkers.

by Charlotte Gush
07 May 2015, 5:05pm

From the Sexual Freedom Coalition and the Neo-Naturists to rock bands and New York gay clubs, the Radical People of Reba Maybury's newspaper have some awesome tales to tell, but their radical politics is as alive today as it was in decades past. The newspaper exclusively features people over 50, collecting artists, activists, writers, performers and muses, to explain their understanding of what it means to be radical and to share memories of radical action they have taken. The newspaper's release on UK election day is a poignant reminder that we can all take radical action to move "society forward into a more compassionate place".

The diverse contributors include erstwhile club kid and i-D Culture Correspondent Princess Julia, sex positive feminist comic book artist Melinda Gebbie, politician and gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell, artists Caroline Coon and Franko B, and a host of punk icons: Lesley Woods (The Au Pairs), Steve Ignorant (Crass), Colin Abrahall (GBH), Bruno Wizard (The Homosexuals), Honey Bane and Rubella Ballet. There are also contributions from Christine Binnie of the Neo-Naturists and Janis Hetherington, a notorious madam of 60s London and the first lesbian to be artificially inseminated.

Such a broad spectrum of subcultural icons has elicited an incredible range of anecdotes, from the poll tax riots and the AIDS crisis to important performance art events and memories of the first days of punk. The written contributions are accompanied by some pretty radical portraits by fashion and social documentary photographer Iain McKell and graphics by art director Jamie Reid.



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