​we ask young activists who they are voting for in the general election

With the general election taking place this week, we asked the young freedom fighters, tree-huggers, campaigners and charity workers featured in The Activist Issue, who they will be voting for this coming Thursday.

by i-D Staff
04 May 2015, 8:15am

Christabel Reed, 23, Political Lobbyist for Greenpeace and Founder of Advaya

Where are you from?
London, Ladbroke Grove.

Who are you voting for in the General Election?
Green Party.

Daisy wears all clothing Meadham Kirchoff

Daisy-May Hudson, 24, Housing Activist and Filmmaker

Where are you from?

Who are you voting for in the General Election?
I don't feel people in power anywhere in the world will ever represent me and the things I value, because they all come from the billionaire boys club. I think this is the case for so many people who don't fit into the category of "rich, white, male". However, this election I will be encouraging everyone I know to fuck with the Tories and vote. Doesn't matter who for, just make them scared because the sadistic things they have done to this country and the people living here over the last four years has been some of the worst I've ever seen.

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Jack Falkingham, 21, Young Labour LGBT Officer 

Who are you voting for in the General Election?
I'll be voting for the Labour Party come the General Election. Many of the rights LGBT people won have been because of the Labour Party being at the centre of our conversation. From repealing Section 28, to equalising the age of consent. Also, the pledges they have recently been made have won my trust that Labour knows the fight for equality isn't over for the LGBT community.

Muna wears jacket Maison Margiela. Rollneck John Smedley.

Muna Hassan, 21, Peer Educator and Trustee at Integrate Bristol
Where are you from?


Who are you voting for in the General Election?
Might vote Green, but the coalition have been amazing in tackling FGM so maybe them too.

Naomi wears jacket and shirt Vivienne Westwood Red Label. Beret and badges stylist's own.

Naomi Barrow, 20, Young Minds 

Where are you from?
My home is Wetherby (or Leeds) but I'm currently living in York.
Who are you voting for in the General Election?
I don't know yet. There isn't currently one party who I feel completely represents my views. I need to learn more about the candidates for my constituency and what their policies are for my area, as well as the more national policies that their parties are championing. I think that politicians should be telling us more about their policies and what they're actively going to do rather than what other parties aren't going to do.

Sai wears coat Coach.

Sai Kadirrajah, 16, Young Minds
Where are you from?

Walthamstow, London.

Who are you voting for in the General Election?
Labour - I suppose it's just a party that my whole family have voted for since forever. My parents are not from over here and they feel like Labour is a party which really empowers everyone's rights and has supported what everyone deserves.

Sam wears jacket Calvin Klein Collection. Jumper Kenzo. Jeans Junya Watanabe Man.

Sam Foulder-Hughes, 19, British Youth Council Trustee

Where are you from? 

Who are you voting for in the General Election?
I can't really say, the British Youth Council is apolitical and that's really important. I think young people are really disillusioned with party politics, we're far less tribal than our parents about how we vote. The BYC focuses on issues which affect young people, we want all political parties to do the same.


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