the poet-astrologers demystifying the cosmos (and your love life) on twitter

The poet/astrologers’ Twitter bio reads: “Astrology by actual living poets (can you fucking believe it) & for everyone.”

by Shelby Black
22 March 2017, 4:00pm

New York-based poets Dorothea Lasky and Alex Dimitrov are more than talented sonneteers, they're also Twitter's resident spiritual guides. Blending their backgrounds in verse with a deep shared love for astrology, Dimitrov and Lasky's Astro Poets page is a beautifully curated peek into an intangible, scholarly universe. Their voyeuristic poetry collections have led them to esteemed regard in both mainstream and underground literary circles, but Lasky and Dimitrov haven't stopped there. Lasky is the co-founder of a poetry school, curates a poetry and art fair, and teaches in the writing program at Columbia University. Her creative soulmate Dimitrov is the founder of Wilde Boys, a queer reading series, which he ran until 2013. With these impressive resumes, it's funny to know that their Astro Poets page was birthed from a simple Twitter poll posted by Dimitrov, inquiring whether he should go on a date with a Taurus or a Virgo. Lasky chimed in with a vote for Taurus, and from there the pair was encouraged by their Twitter followers to create an astrology page. Now with an audience of over 351,000 followers, the duo splits their time between birth charts and blank verses.

Let's introduce ourselves! I'm a Pisces sun with an Aries moon and Gemini rising.
Alex Dimitrov: I'm a Sagittarius sun with a Pisces moon and Taurus rising!
Dorothea Lasky: I'm an Aries sun with a Scorpio moon and a Sagittarius rising. I'm glad the three of us are compatible!

Me too! Let's talk about your Astro Poets page. How did it start? Did you expect it to become so popular?
AD: We started in late November, which makes Astro Poets a Sagittarius. We're natural entertainers, so we wanted to have fun but I also wanted to infuse magic, the stars, and the imagination into the endless river that is the internet. We just went with it; when you start writing a poem you don't expect it to be a "good" poem, you're going off of a feeling or an impulse. Everything is an experiment.
DL: It became a place for us to perform, but also to spread love and tolerance to people. For me, astrology is about tolerance and I would love if we could spread this to the people who follow us. I thought maybe we'd get a couple of hundred followers and forget about it in a day or two, but in retrospect it makes sense. People are hungry for a spiritual world and astrology gives them an access to it that can be molded to their lives.

Have you both always been interested in astrology?
AD: I've always been interested in astrology and astronomy. One Christmas when I was a kid I asked Santa if I could be flown to the moon and never come back. Everyone was really disturbed, but I actually asked for it again the following year. I was sort of furious that I didn't get it the year before!
DL: I've always been into astrology, but I'd say when I hit my 20s it turned into a full-fledged belief system because I saw that it was real. I'm kind of a psychological voyeur, so once I saw that I could understand things about a person just by knowing their sign, in some ways better than they understand themselves, I was hooked. I've approached my growing interest in astrology the way a poet does--with jagged purpose and slight naive passion.

Explain the connection between poetry and astrology. How different is the process between writing poetry and writing for Astro Poets?
AD: They're both worlds which ask you to believe in other worlds and new modes of thinking and being, both mysterious and somewhat unpredictable. The tweets come very easily to me; that's probably the obvious difference between writing for Astro Poets and writing poetry, which is an endless process of revising and requires a lot of silence.
DL: Both are lenses of seeing the world that necessitate a fluid mind that can see shifting themes. Neither poetry nor astrology gives you a set of rules where you have to do something, but instead give you a whole changeable set of schemata of how the world can be understood. For me, the process of writing poetry and writing for Astro Poets is the same where lines immediately pop into my head and I write them down to see if they're funny or meaningful. Both processes are pretty easy and natural. The immediacy of Twitter and having an audience takes some getting used to. Writing poems feels like you're writing into eternity.

Any chance we'll be seeing a published work of Astro Poets?
AD: You'll have to wait and see! Anything is possible.

What would you say is i-D's sign?
AD: I think i-D is a Gemini! It's eccentric and opinionated and very interested in the world as a whole. It also has a rebellious streak so its moon is probably in Sagittarius. I'd definitely date i-D.
DL: I think i-D is a Libra with an Aries moon. It's elegant, classy, and has a biting wit. Libra-Aries get along great, so I'd love to date it too, although like everyone I'm interested in, I'm sure my Scorpio moon will scare it off eventually. Tell i-D to call me and we can give it a good, honest try.


Text Shelby Black
Photography Stanislaw Boniecki

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