take an exclusive look at jorja smith's new video for teenage fantasy

Plus, as she celebrates her 20th birthday, the i-D Class of 2016 alumni reflects on her real life teen fantasies.

by Frankie Dunn
12 June 2017, 7:50pm

This article was originally published by i-D UK. 

Godard said that all you need for a movie is a girl and a gun. Jorja Smith must have taken note because here we find her with a very Nouvelle Vague look and a gun around her neck, lounging about a Parisian apartment. Shot in black and white with director Rashid Babiker, it's a beautiful tournage that Jorja "wanted to capture innocence and naivety." She wrote "Teenage Fantasy" back when she was sixteen, with the intro of her humming recorded while babysitting one night.

"It was loosely based on a time when me and my friend spontaneously decided to go to our friend's party in London when we were in high school," she said of the video. "We didn't tell our parents, just got on the train, got ready on the train, and came back to Walsall the next day." Fun! Head to the city of love and lights with Jorja now, because what better way to celebrate turning twenty than releasing a cinematic daydream and sharing your biggest teen dreams with i-D?

Jorja Smith's biggest and best teenage fantasies:

1. Fame
"At 13 I used to wish I was touring around the world on big stages and that everyone knew who I was. But then I realized there was no rush."

2. Justin Bieber
"Justin Bieber. I ordered myself a big poster of him after his Believe album in 2012. He was also the reason why I wanted to be on stage at such a young age."

3. Theatre school
"I wanted to be more than a triple threat — singer, dancer, actress, and author. I really wanted to go to the BRIT school or the Sylvia Young Theatre School. I went to a performing arts school for a bit on the weekends. I didn't secure any main parts but at that time I was a also a bit shy of singing in front of people."

4. Chad from High School Musical
"Corbin Bleu in High School Musical. High School Musical was a moment. I even got popcorn and dimmed the lights to watch it. Chad was my favorite character and I wanted his hair."

5. A James Bond theme tune
"Another teenage fantasy of mine (and still is today) is that I want to write and sing the Bond theme tune. I'd really like to create something dark and timeless. When I write I sometimes have this cinematic mindset — little scenes playing in my head while I sing melodies."


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