jaden smith is starting a rock band

But what about his K-pop career?

by Alice Newell-Hanson
20 April 2017, 6:35pm

Photography Columbine Goldsmith

In December of last year, Jaden Smith tweeted, in apparent frustration, "People See Me And Ask Me If I Wanna Be A K-Pop Star As If I Haven't Already Made My Goals For 2017 Clear."

He had made his goals clear. Two weeks before he had tweeted, "I Just Wanna Be A K-Pop Star." He had also called the Korean rapper G Dragon his "Inspiration" (capital I) in an earlier online exchange with the musician.

But as redditors in the K-pop subreddit noticed, those tweets have since been deleted. Fans of the genre were divided anyway about Jaden's potential to crossover. Would he learn Korean? Did he have what it takes to become an idol? Other redditors doubted his commitment altogether: "jaden be memeing on us smh."

Today, in the kind of abrupt about-turn we now expect from the two youngest Smith children, Jaden has announced a brand new project. "This Is A Clip From A Rock Band I'm Starting," he tweeted this afternoon, above a video featuring acoustic audio that notably does not sound like K-pop. What about his annual goals?

Jaden's musical talents first came to light when he rapped on Justin Bieber's "Never Say Never" in 2011. Since then he's put out two mixtapes, a three-track EP with producer Daniel D'artiste, and the music video for "Fallen", a single from his upcoming debut album SYRE.

The new audio sounds like a departure from his previous slow jams and mellow nostalgic vocals. To paint a picture: imagine a combination of mournful Cranberries moaning, grunge-era guitar strumming, and mystic chanting. Odessa Adlon, Jaden's girlfriend, is a fan of many things 90s — chokers, high-rise Levi's, The Simpsons — so maybe she'll get a feature.

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Photography Columbine Goldsmith
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