kiri-una brito meumann's art graces a$ap rocky's walls

Kiri-Una Brito Meumann is as cool as a cucumber. She’s an amazing visual artist with a killer fashion sense and although she ‘says’ there’re no plans for world domination, she’s certainly making waves with her unique, highly informed and visually...

by Nick Smith
02 October 2014, 3:25am

June Canedo

Kiri's Instagram account is telling - it's a beautifully curated selection of high fashion, art, fun times, travel and of course..Rihanna. Having just returned to Melbourne from NYC, where she was part of a group show, we were able to pin the multi-talented creative down for a quick chat.

Hi Kiri, what have you been up to today?
I woke up early and went to try on heaps of clothes for a look book I'm modelling tomorrow. And then I hung in the sun.

Same, I got sunburnt. So, how was your recent show?
Yeah it went really well. A few other New York based artists were part of it too. It was fantastic though, there was a great crowd there.

I hear A$AP Rocky asked you to hang some of your work at his house.
Yeah! He's so nice, and he likes my work. It's amazing to have people who are interested in my art.

Can you tell us a little about the concept behind your work?
Most of my works are large-scale prints incorporating a lot of photography. I wouldn't consider myself a photographer but I use photos that I've taken and then try to present them in an interesting way.

What are you doing with yourself currently?
Not much, just preparing to go overseas again. Right now I'm applying for fine art schools around America, otherwise there's some schools in Germany I want to go to but I have to speak German. If I don't get into one in the US then I'll probably go to Germany and learn German.

How would you describe your personal style?
That's difficult. I don't really have a specific style, I just kind of roll with whatever I like. I have some really weird things in my wardrobe.

I noticed your obsession with Rihanna, what is it about her you love so much?
I feel like I talk about her a lot. I just think Rihanna's amazing! She's so carefree and doesn't give a fuck about what other people think. She does whatever she wants, and that's what makes her so incredible.

Are you like her?
[Laughs] No, I wish.

Let's talk about your background?
So, my Mum is from Brazil and my Dad's German. I was born in Australia but when I was younger I lived in Brazil with them and then we moved back when I started primary school.

Do you think your childhood influenced your artworks?
Well, when I was younger I really wanted to be an actress but then that kind of fizzled out. I never thought that I was very good at art when I was young, I'm not the best drawer. My Dad works as an industrial designer though and I think that definitely has a lot to do with my interest in art. I suppose my work has quite a "designy" feel to it…well at the moment anyway.

What do you do for fun?
I like to travel and relax.

Favourite travel destination?
I dunno, everywhere I travel to is so amazing. I'll forever love going to Brazil to see my family. They live in a really small area in Bahia, across from the beach. It's very relaxed and I always feel so calm when I come back.

Who are some people who inspire you?
My Mum and Dad. They're awesome. My Mum grew up without much money and I find it really inspiring that she just went and travelled and experienced so many places. Same with my Dad, he travelled for most of his life. I love the design work that he does as well - it's really clever. I would like to have his mind.

What's in your future?
I'm planning to make more work this year and I would really love for people to see and enjoy it.


Words Nick Smith
Photography June Canedo

A$AP Rocky:
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