The Anti-Paparazzi Collection imagines Celebrities to Be Seen, Not captured

​Celebrities may soon be able to steer clear of the bright lime light by throwing it back into the lenses of the paparazzi themselves...they have Paul McCartney’s DJ, Chris Holmes, to thank.

by Erin McConchie
16 January 2015, 6:45am

Chris Holmes has unveiled The Anti-Paparazzi Collection, a clothing line made from reflective thread which deflects light from cameras and renders the paparazzi images useless.

It contains a blazer, a scarf and a hooded jacket that over-expose the pictures, allowing the celeb to 'be seen, not captured'.

The idea came to Holmes after being photographed at shows wearing reflective clothing. The images were washed out and essentially ruined due to the light bouncing off his threads, and he realised he could use the technology for more positive intentions.

For now, the collection remains a concept, but you can vote for it here to make it a reality.

Cara Delevigne, the world's most photographed woman, will no doubt be forever grateful. Do it for her.

Image via MTV / Splash News


Text Erin McConchie 

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