skateboarding could be heading for the olympics

Just think of the merchandise.

by Matthew Whitehouse
06 June 2016, 11:53pm

The Olympic games. The most compelling search for excellence that exists in sport. The greatest competition reached by any athlete. And now, if the International Olympic committee has its way, one that world's best skateboarders could soon be competing in too. In a statement released by the organisation, it appears the sport is being considered for the next Olympic Games in Tokyo, where "a combination of well-established and emerging sports with significant popularity in Japan and beyond" could be added to the roster. Those sports include baseball, karate and surfing, but, let's face it, if we're talking apparel, it's the skate teams we're interested in. Palace for Team GB. Supreme for the States and Gosha for the Russian team... Just think of the merchandise. We had a chat with Brazilian skate champion Leticia Bufoni about the prospect earlier this year. Check it out here.


Text Matthew Whitehouse
Photography Warren R.M. Stuart

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