‘boycott beyonce’, says beyonce

When life gives you lemons, make merch.

by Wendy Syfret
28 April 2016, 6:03am

Image via Twitter

Beyonce's new release of tour merch is finding inspiration is some unlikely places. Name checking the reaction to her Formation clip and Super Bowl performance earlier this year, she's offering sweatshirts and iPhone cases carrying the words "Boycott Beyonce".

In the wake of the Formation release some cops said the star's actions were "anti-police". Unions in Miami, Tampa and Nashville went as far as urging police to not volunteer as extra security at her shows. Of course what they saw as being aggressive to the cops was her expression of solidarity for the Black Lives Matter movement and the families of unarmed black men shot by police.

Image via Twitter.

If the takeaway from Lemonade was Jay-Z's grandmother's advice that when life gives you lemons make lemonade, we guess this take away is: when life gives you a boycott, make merch.