10 things you need to know about veronika vilim

From Saint Laurent's catwalk to Marc Jacobs' spring/summer 16 campaign, Veronika Vilim is setting the fashion world alight with her bleached blonde bob.

by Lily Bling
19 May 2016, 9:00am

Saint Laurent autumn/winter 16. Photography Jason Lloyd Evans.

Veronika Vilim is taking the fashion world by storm. You may have already spotted the bleach blonde bobbed beauty (tongue twister much?) strutting her stuff down several runways this season (Alexander Wang, Saint Laurent, Dior and Moschino - to name a few), posing in Marc Jacobs' and Saint Laurent's most recent campaigns (to name a few more), or just being a total megababe on Instagram. Born and raised in Manhattan, Veronika Vilim is the definition of cool. With her effortlessly quiche (one of her fave words) sense of style and totally endearing personality, she's the girl everyone wants to know more about.

Image via Instagram

1. It's not just modelling she is passionate about...
"I absolutely love any kind of performing. I used to do ballet everyday after school, but I grew 7 inches in one year and basically turned into Betty Spaghetti. Then I started doing more acting. Acting has always been a passion, I love transforming into different characters. I also love making and designing clothes for myself, maybe I'll start selling things one day..."

2. As a kid she always wanted a horse and a drum kit...
"But that couldn't fit into our 1000 square foot apt..."

3. She was a very cultured child...
"I would always go to museums, see bands, and go to dirty warehouse parties in Brooklyn. I was able to do whatever I wanted since everything is so accessible. Totally made me grow up faster."

4. Her fashion must-haves when she was younger were...
"Jellies, Juicy, Marc Jacobs cat shoes (lol) and temporary tattoos! I was obsessed with them."

Marc Jacobs spring/summer 16 campaign. Image via Instagram.

5. She has role models galore...
"My mom, dad, my uncle Geordy, Katherine Hepburn, Patti Smith, Eleanor Roosevelt, Lady Gaga, David Bowie, RuPaul, Barbra Streisand, Yoko Ono to name some..."

6. Her guilty pleasure song is...
"Hotline Bling. I've danced around my apartment naked listening to that song on more than one occasion..."

7. She has an unhealthy obsession for an unhealthy baked good...
"There is this place by my apartment in Bushwick that's called OMG and it has cookies that are half-baked and soaked in pizza grease. If only I could live on just those..."

8. Her parents gave her some great words of wisdom...
"When I was bullied my mom printed out this Eleanor Roosevelt quote: 'No one can feel inferior without your consent.' I had it up all throughout middle school and high school. My dad also always says, 'It doesn't hurt to be nice to people'. I say these two quotes to myself everyday."

Moschino autumn/winter 16. Image via Instagram.

9. She'd give her 16-year-old self some even greater words of wisdom...
"Be confident and love yourself! Your time will come, so be patient and live in the moment."

10. If she could compare herself to any fictional character...
"I'd like to think I'm as badass as Beatrix Kiddo (Uma Thurman in Kill Bill fyi) or Tank Girl, but that's a stretch. (I am pretty bad ass tho.)

11. She's a rule-breaker...
"Can I have 11 things about me lmao?"


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