london's inimitable street style, straight up!

Max Saward gathers London's creative, glamorous youth as they sound off on their hopes, dreams, and inspirations.

by i-D Staff
19 January 2017, 3:45pm

Barney Pau, Graphic Designer

Where do you look to find inspiration? To my peers, they're some of the best resources of inspiration I have.
Can creativity save us? Without it we would have nothing.
What's the best piece of work advice you've been given? To persevere, I guess.
What was your highlight of 2016? Realizing I had the freedom to do whatever I wanted after graduating.
What are your hopes for 2017? Get more exposure for my work, get more work.


Ari Nielsson, Poet

Where do you look to find inspiration? Every intake of breath is an inspiration.
Can creativity save us? Expecting creativity to save us may be, as my father used to say, like pissing into your own shoe to keep your foot warm.
What's the best piece of work advice you've been given? Following Raymond Radiguet's advice to Jean Cocteau, "Novelty is found by trying one's hardest not to be novel, and failing."
What was your highlight of 2016? Surviving the end of my degree. Being commissioned to write a text-work as part of an exhibition in the Czech National Gallery. Surviving generally.
What are your hopes for 2017? Finding some way of consoling the fox that keeps crying at the end of the garden.


Shauna McCallion, Interior Designer

Where do you look to find inspiration? Most of my inspiration comes from furniture and interior design. I live in a huge warehouse with 30 creatives and we bounce off each other! We are constantly creating and redecorating it; it's like my playground.
Can creativity save us? If it's the type of creativity that you're passionate about you better hope so!
What's the best piece of work advice you've been given? Explore your art from a conceptual point of view and don't rush it! If I rushed my work it wouldn't last very long.


Holly Horne, Actor and model

Where do you look to find inspiration? I look to my housemates and friends within the creative world. They inspire me to explore different ways to express myself through fashion and creative projects like photography and film.
Can creativity save us? Creativity is a release of personal expression that is vital to every human. I believe people are most happy when creating so in that sense: yes, I believe it can save. It can be a vehicle to channel issues we don't want to deal with on a verbal level.
What's the best piece of work advice you've been given? My dad told me a quote once, "What do you do when events don't go to plan and you can't change the events? You change the plan." I strive to live by these words.
What was your highlight of 2016? My highlight of 2016 was finding myself and my mental stability again. I'm proud to be the way I am and I won't let anyone inflict on that.
What's are you hopes for 2017? 2017 I feel is going to be hugely productive for me. I hope to land my first major role as an actor and continue learning my trade the best I can.


Helen Neven, Artist. Zoe Thomas, Print maker.

Where do you look to find inspiration?
Helen: Often in my friends, definitely in art, and always in Madge's Blond Ambition tour.
Zoe: Naff as it sounds, there are very little places I don't find inspiration. I am intrigued by everything, no matter how mundane. 

Can creativity save us?
Helen: They say necessity is the mother of invention, and in these times I think that inventiveness and creativity can provide us with important forms of escapism.
Zoe: Depends what from. It can't save us from evil overlords, but It can save us in other ways if we use it right! We have the ability to use creativity to respond to the current social climate. More importantly, it can teach us to be a more efficient and sustainable species.

What's the best piece of work advice you've been given? 
Helen: Enjoy growing and learning. Don't feel like you need to be exactly where you want to be right now; you have time.
Zoe: "Forget what you know or have already seen, true creativity comes from you." Laura Bell, my tutor.

What was your highlight of 2016? 
Helen: Melania's plagiarized speech.
Zoe: Having my fashion illustrations selected for the CASS ART X LCF Draw competition! Also various exhibitions, one at the Copeland Gallery and one in Copenhagen; all the amazing opportunities I had been grateful to be a part of. 

What's are you hopes for 2017? 
Helen: To keep doing the things I was doing in 2016 and get better at them.
Zoe: To stay out of my comfort zone, make my final collection lit, and keep slaying!


Anir Orlando, Club Host

Where do you look to find inspiration? I'm kinda blessed with a creative mind.
Can creativity save us? Yes, creativity definitely can save us. Without it we would be boring and basic.
What's the best piece of work advice you've been given? Do what makes you happy.
What was your highlight of 2016? I'm growing and nobody can tell me a fucking thing.
What's are you hopes for 2017? Starting with my transformation, focusing on my career, explore the world, find a cute guy.

Will Ballantyne, artist

Where do you look to find inspiration? I walk — usually for two or three hours everyday — and during the night if I can't sleep.
Can creativity save us? I'm not sure we can be saved without it.
What's the best piece of work advice you've been given? "If you don't believe in it, how can you expect somebody else to?"
What was your highlight of 2016? I met some really incredible people.
What are your hopes for 2017? More collaboration and community action.


Max Saward

"This is a personal project; exhibiting an anti-street style series in order document the personalities and art work of my friends through their own aesthetic." 



Photography Alessandro Merlo, Alex Rocks, Poem Baker
Styling and casting Max Saward

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