​the artist behind the barack obama hope posters releases new work to protest trump inauguration

They celebrate women from diverse backgrounds in the face of Trump's racist rhetoric.

by Felix Petty
21 January 2017, 1:27am

Shepard Fairey's Obama Hope poster will go down as as iconic visual statement of a time and place. Unveiled eight years ago, during Obama's march to the White House, to become America's first black President. Eight years on, we're negotiating less hopeful territory. Shepard Fairey is back though, with a new series of works.

Commissioned by non-profit Amplifier Foundation, and free for all to download, distribute, use and share, the new posters features ordinary women of different ethnicities. The works are intended to fight against "hate, fear and racism."

The posters are intended to celebrate the Women's March taking place tomorrow, and the diversity and openness in the face of Trump's divisive rhetoric. Or in the words of the posters themselves, "we the people are greater than fear".

we the people
Shepard Fairey