​10 things you need to know about art school

As they prep for their LC:M debut in January, meet the dynamic duo ripping up the rulebook.

by Tish Weinstock
16 December 2016, 1:37am

Eden Loweth and Tom Barratt are quite simply too cool for artschool. They met at a party (where else?), and sparks flew. Eden was a second year menswear student at Ravensbourne, and Tom was studying art criticism at St. Martins. First they fell in love, then they fell into business. Cue ART SCHOOL, the coolest brand in fashion.

Drawing on their non-binary identities, the designers' work is a celebration of the idiosyncratic nature of queer style, which is why they will be showcasing their newest collection in January as part of Fashion East Men's Presentation. So without further ado: a lesson on Art School, you could learn a lot from them.

1. They had very different beginnings in fashion…+
Eden: I was a latecomer - it was only when I went to college that I became interested in fashion - I was very lucky and had an amazing tutor who really opened my eyes to everything I could do at that age.
Tom: I was a fashion obsessed teen, I've always been fascinated by references and styling. It became something that I linked to my own way of dressing which has really evolved into how I work on the label.

2. Which is probably why their first fashion memories are also very different…
Eden: Isabella Blow. I watched a video of her at Hilles when I was being homeschooled.
Tom: The popstar Lolly.

3. Being partners in life and business feels totally natural to them…
E&T: We met at a party when we were just going into our second years at university. We work very much in tandem, people often ask if it's hard being a couple and working together, but for us it's been a very natural thing that just happened and works so we're going with it.

4. They find inspiration all around them…
E&T: We are continuously inspired by the people we work with or meet in day to day life - anyone can wear and influence or work - it's meant to be very inclusive.

5. But they are especially interested in deconstructing the notion of gender…
E&T: Transformation and the evolving nature of the trans body is something very close to us - we both identify at different points of the gender spectrum and this inevitably holds influence in our work.

6. They named their brand Art School because…
E&T: Art School is meant to be something alternative from what people expect from two young designers.

7. As for the clothes, it's a marriage of opposites…
E&T: We describe our aesthetic as decadent minimalism. It's a culmination of many things that interest us, the way people dress and the way this defines a person's personality is something that has always interested us - anyone should be able to wear our clothes.

8. If they could give the world one piece of advice it would be…
E&T: Don't be afraid to lay the cards on the table - people will respect you for it.

9. They're obviously big fans of the film Carol, since they would have the following actresses play them in the movie of their life…
Eden: Cate Blanchett.
Tom: Rooney Mara.

10. They've got some very exciting things in the pipeline for 2017.
E&T: Our upcoming presentation with Fashion East for LCM in January. The brand is continuing to mature and develop as we do as young adults working as part of an amazing team - we're very excited to see how our influences continue to change and evolve over time. 


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