giant bunnies and childlike music with dessert

The awesome new L.A. band, not the thing that comes after dinner.

Dec 6 2016, 6:05pm

The semi-naked trio behind L.A-based musical project Dessert met too long ago to remember and today describe themselves as "The Holy Trinity". Making childlike pop with cute baby pictures for artwork, their music merges genres like cake ingredients; a cup of jazz here, handful of RnB there, mixed well with a sprinkle of candy pop, some bass and an addictive whistle. All seems to be quite innocent but then Devil takes you for a lo-fi stroll through a video game world before pulling you down to hell in a warped slow motion. While we were caught off guard by their sound, it was their collaboration with director Alex Lill on Back Around/Devil starring sumo wrestler Manny Yarbourgh that really got us hooked; a mind-blowing and completely surreal dream turned horror show that should really be up for various Best Music Video awards.

Today, Dessert are rather excitingly putting out their debut Songs For Children EP alongside a limited edition candle created with artist Kelsey Isaacs. As that SNL sketch failed to confirm the other night, everybody loves candles, and this purple praying bunny with big ears on which it levitates while a wick burns away in it's brain, is particularly adorable. It might be a pricey treat at $200 a pop, but the band literally made them by hand in their living room, with a USB of their music hidden away in the bunny's tummy. As a starry sky smiles down on the mascot, he meditates in a meadow of wildflowers to the tune of Eyes Wide Shut, which would give whole new meaning to the film of the same name.

Take an exclusive first look at the visual, made in collaboration with Aron Johnson, and get to know the very sweet Dessert below.

Hi Dessert. Why Dessert?
Cause it's temptation, it's the pleasure of indulging in something you know is pure evil. It's pop music. It's suicide art.

What are your favourite fellow L.A. bands at the moment?
Randy J.

What's your favourite dessert?
Cream puffs.

What's your favourite desert?
The Sahara Tent.

Tell us about this candle business then…
We're debuting our first physical release today, an 8lb candle with our record on USB in its belly. Designed from a beautiful sketch our lifelong friend Kelsey Isaacs drew. We hand-make them all in Jack's laundry room. It's like, would you rather own a vinyl record, or a beautiful thing that's unlike anything else you've ever held. People deserve better. This is the future of merchandise. That's cool as fuck. You want one. Buy one. We're geniuses. Buy our genius products. Buy me. Choose us. Love us.

Is that your dog in the photo?
That's Lily-Rose. She's a flirt.

What movie do you think your discography would best soundtrack?
We'd prefer our music be in Target commercials.

Fuck genres, right?
Yes baby. Yes!

What's your favourite children's song?
Fine China, Chris Brown

What are your current obsessions and why?
Luka has forced me to write beanie boos and Bella Hadid here.

How did you link up with director Alex Lill?
He knocked on our door one rainy night, his car had broken down and we gave him shelter. Later he'd borrow our video camera and teach himself the art.

Have you all been in bands before?
The only band we'll ever be in is Dessert. If it fails we go down with it. That's a promise.

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