the soundtrack to your weekend ft. chaz bundick meets the mattson 2, code walk and declan mckenna

Press play on the new releases we've had on repeat this week.

Jan 20 2017, 4:45pm

Declan McKenna, The Kids Don't Wanna Come Home

Just when you think the universe has finally gone mad and sworn in an arrogant misogynist as President of the United States, a gentle reminder that all over the world, perhaps the most switched-on generation the planet has ever seen is quietly fuming with all the brilliant and incandescent rage you could hope for. Here 18-year-old Declan McKenna leads his teenage gang through the woods and out of them again. We know a metaphor when we see one, readers. You know what? The kids are alright.

Chaz Bundick Meets The Mattson 2, Star Stuff

Chaz Bundick aka Toro Y Moi aka Les Sins aka PLUM is properly brilliant. Whatever the project, if his name is attached to it, we guarantee you it will be quality. Here we find him teaming up with twin brothers The Mattson 2 for a cosmic adventure down the local psych-jazz bowling alley apparently touched by the spirit of Sun Ra, Miles Davis and The Zombies. Directed by the man behind Chaz's Live From Trona concert film shot in the heart of the Mojave desert, Harry Isrealson, the visuals are both warm and really, really cool. On 31 March, there'll be a whole album of this out on his own Company Records. We are all made of star stuff. This lot are made of whole galaxies.

Code Walk, Guess What ft Smerz

"Do you still feel sorry for me? Well guess what?" You shouldn't because that vocal comes from Norwegian duo Smerz and they're killing it right now so your sympathy would be very misplaced. Producers Code Walk are their pals from Copenhagen, this is the first we've heard from them, and we're already sold.

Kelly Lee Owens, Anxi. (ft. Jenny Hval)

Kelly Lee Owens is good, isn't she? We had a nice chat with her once last year so it's exciting to see the Welsh songstress gearing up for a full album release/collaborating with the also good Jenny Hval. It's out on 24 March via Smalltown Supersound, don't you know...

H.Hawkline, Last Thing On Your Mind

... Meanwhile, compatriot H. "Huw" Hawkline has quietly offered up the first single to be taken from his forthcoming new album due out later this year. He lives in Los Angeles now and people often say to him, "You miss Wales?". He says, "No, I look nothing like her. She's got long blonde hair and wears a sash".

Baba Stiltz, Baby

According to his press release Baba Stiltz is the godson of techno legend Daniel Savio, a former ballet dancer and a previous neighbour of Yung Sherman. Blimey! How's he found the time to make any music? Here's his new self-directed video for Baby, a song he describes as "a lo-fi karaoke lullaby". Makes a change to belting out My Way, pissed up at Lucky Voice, doesn't it.

Snakehips & MØ, Don't Leave

Oh MØ, not again. The audio alone moved us dangerously close to tears but they had to go and make a fun/sexy/heartbreak-y music video to accompany it, didn't they? Good one, Malia James.

Matt Martians, Diamond in da Ruff

Following the announcement of Syd's debut solo album Fin last week, it seems that her The Internet bandmate Matt Martians is at it too. His, The Drum Chord Theory (out 27 January) was made when he moved back to Atlanta last summer to clear his head. Working out of his childhood bedroom, as Matt explained on Twitter, "what started as the next Internet album soon took a turn into some really wild shit that turned into this album." Here's the first thing he wants you to hear from the project. It's a gem.

Turan, Fear

Wouldn't it be fun to 3D scan yourself? Declan from i-D's video team used to have an Action Man sized version of himself living on his desk and it was really cool. East London musician Turan did it too, except he got some animators to create a virtual world for his virtual self to spin around in for this real good music video. Don't be scared.

Blueprint Blue, Good Dreams

And finally, some excellent guitaring here from London-based Americana act Blueprint Blue. Rumour has it that the last time they performed at London's Moth Club, the singer played a ten minute long guitar solo: something that is, on the one hand, obviously completely objectionable, but at the same time the coolest thing we've heard all year. Well done, that man.


Text Frankie Dunn and Matthew Whitehouse