sleater-kinney riot their way into the oregon music hall of fame

The iconic group who've helped define a musical scene for over two decades are being inducted.

by Briony Wright
15 July 2016, 4:10am

Photo via Sleater-Kinney's Instagram

Carrie Brownstein's wonderful autobiography, Hunger Makes Me a Modern Woman, is a well-penned, honest account of the passionate and hard-working band who, while selling out stadiums, continued to rehearse in small basements and lug their own equipment between shows. Made up of Brownstein, Corin Tucker and Janet Weiss, the band emerged in the musically rich environment that was Olympia in the early 90s, and relocated to Portland, Oregon mid career. They're well-regarded as one of the original Riot Grrrl groups, and have continued to release great music and tour for over twenty years.

On October 8th, Sleater-Kinney will be recognised for their contribution to the musical landscape when they're inducted into the Oregon Music Hall of Fame. They will also be named Artist of the Year, and become co-winners of the Album of the Year award for their last album, 2015's No Cities to Love. They'll join past inductees like Dandy Warhols, Elliot Smith and Everclear and perform alongside the other 2016 hall of famers. 


Photo via Sleater-Kinney's Instagram