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The black and white visuals for Altruism are equal parts nouvelle vague and gritty 90s rap.

by Savannah Anand-Sobti
03 June 2015, 2:30am

Released last month, Melbourne singer-producer Oscar Key Sung's EP Altruism, is already paving the way for Australian's new wave of R&B. Influenced by Drake as much as 70s composer Arvo Pärt, the 'Key Sung' sound displayed in Altruism is altogether haunting, heartbreaking and hyper-intensive mischief making. In a pure Beyoncé move, Oscar has blessed us with accompanying music videos for almost all of the EP's tracks, perfectly capturing that feeling of bold modern dread.

The clip for the title track, Altruism, was created by rising Melbourne based production duo Coco & Maximilian, who met whilst studying Film and Television at the Victorian College of the Arts. Since graduating in 2012, the pair have been combining their mutual interest in the real and surreal by creating a series of films for the likes of Aesop and art based architectural firms. One half of the duo, Coco Wertheim tells i-D,"We're both into a minimal style, nothing too tricky. We always lean towards the paired back aesthetic."

Aesop 'Receptive Skin'

Coco says that the Altruism video for Oscar Key Sung was, "a truly collaborative effort - we love music video shoots because there's such a freedom there. You're responding to another artist's work rather than coming up with something from scratch and it was a really nice back and forth where Oscar was pushing us and we were pushing him."

The video was shot completely in black and white film giving it a timeless, almost electric layer of raw youthful depth. Coco adds, "We had this idea to play with hip hop tropes. The kind of visuals that go with classic hip hop videos. A single shot to camera, a posse scene with all the friends in the background, a club scene and so on... then we sort of broke down the genre. Shooting on 16mm black and white film gave it an imperfect quality and this tactical soft feeling."

Watch the video above and catch Oscar Key Sung touring Australia nationally this month.



Text Savannah Anand-Sobti

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