shop kids of new zealand

Meet the Kiwi creatives with the skills to pay the bills who're open for business and selling their wares.

by Imogen Wilson
09 December 2015, 3:20am

Tom Wright from Shark Week

Age? 25

What do you do? Have as much fun as possible with the people around me. Run Shark Week. Manage the musician Beach Boy

What are you wearing? Shark Week Hazed Tee, Unsure what these pants are. Golf Shoes.

What's the best thing about owning your own business? I get to do what ever I want!

Biggest lesson you have learnt so far from owning your own shop? Everything is going to be OK :) Times can get scary here and there but that just comes with it all. I won't bore you with that shit though.

Best thing about 2015 so far? Opening up the SHOP!! I have said this before but I'll say it again haha. I have always wanted to open up a store exactly like this one. The location, the fish, the indoor mini basketball, a place for my friends to hang out and display their talents as well. Currently my friend Kyle has his installation on display throughout the store. But yeah, the whole year has been awesome.

What's the plan for 2016? Shit uumm so much!! But I don't want to give it all away. That's no fun. But I guess I just want to keep moving forward and creating new things.

Favourite feature in your store? That's like asking your parents "who's your favourite child". Ha, I feel all the features work real well together.

Carter from Were Bros & Muck Floral

Age? 25

What do you do? At the moment, I make organic bread and serve it as open sandwiches. I share the space with my friend Soph, she's my favourite florist.

What are you wearing? My twin sister Harry's hand knit, some jeans, an apron and some clogs.

What's the best thing about owning your own business? Being your own boss.. it's also the worst thing.

Biggest lesson you have learnt so far from owning your own shop? That it is the hardest thing that I have ever done.

Best thing about 2015? Moving to a quarter acre section next to the bush, with my boyfriend, sister and her boyfriend...and my boyfriend planting a big vegetable garden.

What's the plan for 2016? To go on holiday in July somewhere really warm.

Favourite feature in the store? My bread and Soph's flowers!

Sophie from Were Bros & Muck Floral

Age? 28

What do you do? Florist.

What are you wearing? Vintage Chinese shirt and vintage sport shorts.

What's the best thing about owning your own business? It's empowering. People think because you don't have a boss it means you can work less hours or do what you want, but really it just pushes you to work even harder. I work more now that I work for myself, than I ever have before, but the amount of satisfaction in return is unparalleled.

Biggest lesson you have learnt so far from owning your own shop? Having a shop means you always have to be there! Obvious as it may be, I had never worked in retail before so this was a big shock for me

Best thing about 2015? Starting Muck.

What's the plan for 2016? Soak up the sun in the South Island over Christmas break and then try not to burn out for the rest of the year.

Favourite feature in the store? My ever evolving workshop. I love just sitting at my table, surrounded by flowers and hidden from everyone.

Dan from Dan's Traditional Barber Shop

Age? 30

What do you do? Barber.

What are you wearing? Dickies.

What's the best thing about owning your own business? Not having to answer to anyone.

Biggest lesson you have learnt so far from owning your own shop? To never rely on anyone.

Best thing about 2015? Opening day.

What's the plan for 2016? To still have a shop.

Favourite store feature? My gold leaf sign writing.


Ella Esau from Lonely Wellington

Age? 21

What do you do? I work at Lonely in the new Wellington store, meeting inspiring ladies everyday!

What are you wearing? Wide pant in grey and Margo Cami in black silk.

What's the best thing about working at Lonely? The talented Lonely girls I work with are a great bunch of people to be surrounded with. Being able to meet and get to know a variety of customers that come in and share their love for the brand and our message.

Biggest lesson you have learnt so far at work? To embrace, appreciate and celebrate all body types and shapes.

Best thing about 2015? Travelling earlier in the year around Europe with my friends.

What's the plan for 2016? I want to settle back into working and living in Wellington and creating and making things in my spare time.

Favourite store feature? I'm in love with the beautiful deep purple lounging couches, something that makes the store so comfortable.

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Rose Morgan from Vixen Boutique

Age? 24

What do you do? I'm currently studying costume design.

What are you wearing? A vintage dress, belt and boots.

What's the best thing about working at Vixen? Being surrounded by the most beautiful clothes and working in close proximity to all of my friends!

Biggest lesson you have learnt so far at work? That sometimes you just gotta be tough.

Best thing about 2015? Being single lol.

What's the plan for 2016? Finish up my final year of degree and fingers crossed get a for reals adult job in the industry.

Favourite store feature? The massive portrait of Elvis my boss brought back from Graceland.



Text and Photography Imogen Wilson

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