kylie jenner's snapchat short film is surprisingly good

The reality star's filmmaking debut has action, drama, a celebrity-loaded cast and plot twists galore.

by i-D Staff
10 February 2016, 2:13am

This film that has it all: shocking twists, Hitchcockian angles, an all-star cast and an A-List director—Kylie Jenner. The only thing it's lacking is a title. Kylie's mini-movie was broadcast over Snapchat last night, and it's genuinely super entertaining. The untitled short stars her longtime friend Harry Hudson as a cheating, no-good boyfriend who finally gets his comeuppance. Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin feature alongside Kylie, to tell a story that's ultimately about women uniting against a man who's wronged them.

It's a lot like the Bella McFadden-Alex Kazemi collaboration Mudditchgirl91, a short film shared to Snapchat in realtime. Except Kylie's film is devoid of any philosophical rhetoric or art school pretension. 

The story's still live on Kylie's Snapchat now, but will expire soon. Luckily, there's an Instagram account that posts all of Kylie's Snaps, so you can watch the entire film there, even if you don't have the app.  

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