exclusive: look inside blondey mccoy’s zine to see the latest thames collection

Before the latest Thames collection drops in store this weekend, Blondey McCoy and Lex Kembery team up for an explosive collage collaboration.

by Bojana Kozarevic
15 September 2016, 1:36pm

"Thames, or my artwork more like, has always been quite sleazy, and it sort of hit me that a brand of Thames' background and age doesn't need to really go out of its way to hammer that point home", says British skater and Thames designer Blondey McCoy. "So I got Lex to shoot the lookbook in my house, then we had prints made of the selects and I went at them all night with scissors and glue sticks. I felt like his really beautiful, sort of innocent and naive photos would work perfectly with what I do — as far as ruining them goes."

"For this season (for better or worse!) I've stuck with the recurring theme of most of my work: London itself and Soho in particular," McCoy continues of his newest collection and accompanying project. "I've used collages featuring the Eros statue, God of Love, who resides on top of the fountain sculpture in Piccadilly Circus (or the center of the universe)," explains Blondey. "When I was a kid, I ashamedly did subscribe a bit to the 'no such thing as good influence' approach — but then I accepted not only that it's inevitable to be influenced by your Pet Shop Boys, and your old school Seditionaries, or your Linder Sterlings or your John Stezakers, but it's important to embrace those influences. That's where the beauty and originality lies, when it all gets mashed up."

The idiosyncratic humor that runs through the brand and McCoy's work is present both in clothing and the zine. "I've wanted to work with a photographer on an art project for a long time. I thought that the finished product deserved to be printed, something you could physically own as a memoir. As time seems to be flying faster than ever, and hopefully it's as original, young, and fun as I think it is."



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