ahnoni to walk 180km across australian desert to protest uranium mine

The artist-activist says the proposed Cameco and Mitsubishi plan poses a threat to the wellbeing of the indigenous Martu people.

by Tish Weinstock
01 June 2016, 4:15pm

Musician, activist, and all-round super hero Anohni is once again lending her voice to global issues — this time in a bid to help protect the Aboriginal Australian Martu people. Anohni has been supporting the Martu and raising awareness of the issues that affect them since 2013, when she spent 10 days living within the community in the Western Australian desert.

In two days' time, Anohni will join over 100 Martu people from in and around Parnngurr on an eight-day, 180km walk across the desert. The march is a protest against a government-approved plan by the Cameco and Mitsubishi corporations to build a uranium mine within 50 miles of their community. Anohni describes the proposed mine as being "on their traditional lands and [a] threat to their well-being, as well as being gouged out of Karlamilyi National Park."

Follow the campaign using #stopkintyre.


Text Tish Weinstock