The Class of 2014 answers: How would you say technology has affected your generation?

Invent tomorrow instead of worrying about today. In an age where you are what you Tweet, where you’re only as good as your last selfie, and where you can connect to anyone, anywhere, and at any moment, technology seems to be taking over the world, one...

by Tish Weinstock and Adam Fletcher
25 September 2014, 5:05pm

''We grew up with computers in our houses. As teenagers we had computers in our pockets. We're used to being able to do whatever we want with apps. I can produce an entire song on my iPad and play it on my iPad. You can follow your dreams with technology.'' Charlotte Free

''The internet is exposing just how many people out there with that much talent. That shit is beautiful, I love it.'' A$AP Rocky

''It's shifting everything. You can connect with anyone, you can find out how to do anything.'' Binx

''It's just running the world basically, innit?'' Lucien Clarke

''Technology is getting us closer together without having to touch.'' Frank Lebon

''I think it's like a new amazing line of communication. It's really cool to connect with people from all around the world instantly. It's totally a great way to create a movement, to create something new.'' Petra Collins

''The internet also completely breaks the boundary between your location and anything else that's happening in the world. It puts you in touch with things that are going on all over the world. But it doesn't isolate you into that community.'' Gryphon O'Shea

''With things like social media it gives you the opportunity to be your optimum self. You can be the wittiest version of yourself on Twitter; you can be the best looking version of yourself on instagram. But that doesn't necessary say who you are behind closed doors.'' Kwabs

''Technology can shape your future any way you want it to.'' Ben Nordberg

''It's provided a safe place to project sort of like a fantasy, my fantasy, what I want to be.'' Jane Moseley

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