peta bought a single share in hermès to help save the crocodiles

The animal rights organization can now monitor the French luxury brand from the inside.

by Alice Newell-Hanson
30 July 2015, 5:19pm

The latest development in PETA and Jane Birkin vs. crocodile farming: the animal rights organization has purchased a single share in Hermès in a bid to control its use of exotic animal skins. As WWD reports, the move will enable PETA officials to attend the brand's shareholder meetings. "As a shareholder, PETA U.S. will work from inside to demand a permanent ban on accessories made from exotic animal skins, including crocodile skin bags and alligator skin watch bands," a PETA representative told WWD.

PETA has famously resorted to shock tactics to combat and raise awareness of animal abuse issues in the past. Its campaigns have featured near-naked celebrities, including Pamela Anderson and (shudder) Ron Jeremy, and members of the organization once protested the Westminster Dog Show in white robes with pointed hoods.

This more subtle strategic maneuver comes two days after Jane Birkin requested that Hermès remove her name from the crocodile version of her iconic namesake bag. Her public statement cited the cruel treatment and slaughter of crocodiles at farms associated with the brand. Hermès later responded that "[Jane's] comments do not in any way influence the friendship and confidence that we have shared for many years," and insisted that it "imposes on its partners the highest standards in the ethical treatment of crocodiles" - a claim that PETA's fashion moles will now be able to sound out for themselves.

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