mac collabs with 90s icon selena

MAC cosmetics honors the Queen of Tejano with a Selena-themed collection.

by i-D Staff and Hana Beach
16 July 2015, 10:00pm

After her tragic death in 1995, inspirational 90s Tejano music sensation Selena left a lasting legacy. She has a permanent status as a Mexican American hero and her 1997 biopic launched J. Lo into pop stardom. 20 years later, Selena's legacy continues to grow with a posthumous MAC collaboration.

Today, MAC announced that it will pay homage to the iconic singer with a makeup collection inspired by her bold and colorful life. In a press release earlier today, MAC Senior Vice President James Gager said, "Selena's talent and beauty, inside and out have, have left a colourful, meaningful impact in the world, that has continued to grow over the last two decades."

The collection is a response to a petition by Selena's diehard fans, who demanded that MAC immortalize Selena with a makeup collection. "We have heard the passion and enthusiasm from her fans and wholeheartedly agree that her legacy embodies MAC's philosophy," continued Gager. Even the singer's family is enthusiastic about the collaboration. Selena's sister Suzette Quintanilla said, "Helping to create this collection brings me back to all those late night conversations on our tour bus when she spoke of having her own makeup line one day. If Selena were here she would be beyond ecstatic to have this happening. History is being made."

Although no pictures of the collection are currently available, we are sure that the line will include a red lipstick and a brow pencil so fans can mirror the singer's signature look.


Text Hana Beach